The Mission

Archival produces groundbreaking historical documentary and narrative animation in The Third Path: Iran from Empire to Ruin to Empire.

“You really need a documentary, really long documentary to get into the complexities of the country.” —Dr. Ervand Abrahamian, Baruch College, New York

Committed to educating and entertaining audiences internationally, Archival Institute provides a multimedia streaming platform for world history and anthropology focused on the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. Archival’s programming provides much needed historical context surrounding some of the most challenging cultural clashes of our time.

Journey through Persian Voices: Travelling The Third Path to explore controversial social issues such as political Islam, feminism within Islamic society, and westernization throughout Iran’s modern history.

The Method

Archival Institute works with leading museums’ and universities’ scholars and other thought leaders internationally to provide in-depth discussion and analysis about history and culture overcoming information gaps created by mainstream media.

Archival Institute also operates a fellowship program for conducting private research and solution driven engagements related to problems in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa.

Content contributors may provide directly content of an archival nature for conservation to Archival Institute including photographic and video works, or documents of historical value.

Independent filmmakers, journalists, and multimedia artists, may also contribute creative content for consideration for international distribution on the Archival multimedia platform.

The Motivation

Archival Institute delights in uncovering forgotten histories and exploring new and constantly changing subjects to educate and amaze audiences around the world.

Kathi Black: I didn’t even know that Iran was any way involved in WWI.

Bruce Bradley: Very interesting thanks, we never learned about this in school.

Keith Walker: wow did NOT know that. what a catastrophe.

Karrin W. Willey: That’s horrible!! I knew nothing about this & I’m ashamed @ how much I don’t know. Those poor families.

Bonnie Hoffman: So sad that they had to live like that.

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