Future Tech Empires Could Enslave or Liberate

Middle East

World Civilizations Clashing


The Worst Humanitarian Crisis Since WWII

Learn about the history that shaped today’s dramatic events in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. Explore the empires of the ancient world, discover the modern history of today’s complex challenges, and the important events in between that continue to shape our daily lives. Archival on Demand presents original films, series, features, and shorts to entertain and educate international audiences about world history and current events in addition to written articles and studies that provide in-depth discussion on important life-changing topics.

Informal blog articles provide information about news, academic studies, industry analysis, and security challenges bringing obscure topics to the forefront of social media conversation and online collaboration as an ongoing project. Video productions use a variety of genres including documentary and narrative animation to immerse audiences into the captivating events of world history and will continue to use new technologies and interactive media such as gaming to satisfy the audiences quest for understanding.

Archival Institute is a private think tank focused on the areas of Asia, the Middle East, and Africa as the world’s most rapidly developing regions yet each region is frequently engaged in debilitating international conflicts impacting life on every continent. By studying a range of topics related to economic development, conflict, law, and humanitarian crisis, Archival Institute’s business-to-business consulting services provide solutions for current regional and international dilemmas.

By providing innovative techniques towards government initiatives and private sector interests, Archival Institute improves efficiency and output while improving security and stability. For companies operating in developing regions where stability is an ongoing issue, the safety and security of personnel and property continue to necessitate extreme care, and corruption has sapped valuable resources, Archival Institute’s consulting and training programs can help secure people and resources vulnerable to a range of potential threats.