The Mission

Producing a groundbreaking historical series, the Archival Institute has brought to life Iran’s history using narrative animation and documentary culminating in the release of Iran: The Third Path, which is now available for purchase. Committed to educating and entertaining audiences worldwide, Archival Institute provides a multimedia streaming platform for world history and anthropology focused on the Middle East, Asia, and Africa, some of the most conflict-heavy regions of today. The documentary series provides historical context surrounding some of the most controversial cultural clashes of the 20th and 21st centuries. You will explore the Middle East, Asia, and Africa through the eyes of historians in an unprecedented take on some of the richest history in the world!


Dr. Ervand Abrahamian
Baruch College, New York

Archival: The Creation

We offer a fellowship program that facilitates private research and solution driven engagements relating to problems in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa that affect the world. This content doesn’t just explore modern day problems, but the events of the past that lead to the issues we face today.

You can also apply to be a Content Contributor where you will be able to create photographic, video or written content that pertains to Archival covered topics. Content pieces created would be posted and promoted through the Archival network.

Archival Institute worked with leading scholars from universities and museums around the world to provide an inclusive and in-depth discussion into ancient and modern-day Iran. Focused on filling in the informational gaps left by mainstream news-media you will find content that is filled with historically accurate information explaining the events that have shaped Iran into the dominant political and military force of the region.

The Motivation

Archival Institute delights in uncovering forgotten histories and exploring new and constantly changing subjects to educate and amaze audiences around the world. Persian Voices: Travelling the Third Path explores controversial social issues in what was once one of the richest empires on earth. Covering political and radical Islam, feminism within Islamic society, and the westernization of the Middle East you will be immersed in a culture that has a political impact far outside its borders.

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