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Archival Institute studies complex problems in areas such as migration and border security, international trade and development, terrorism, and social movements to provide multi-layered solutions and technology to build stronger more vibrant communities.   

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About Our Think Tank

What makes Archival Institute different from other think tanks is the action we perform for government and private sector clients providing technology driven solutions, security programs, infrastructure initiatives, and unpoliticized research.

We specialize in issues related to the Middle East, Asia, and Africa including security, international trade, economic development, and social change. Our multilayered solutions for the border crisis and our international investment initiatives in energy and transportation are designed to achieve global security and rapid development. 

Our Top Priorities

Our Border Reconnaissance Program is designed to intercept illicit trafficking in humans, narcotics, weapons, and counterfeit or stolen goods giving authorities the intel they need in plenty of time to prepare for any event. This saves lives on both sides of the border.

Border Crisis

Intercept illicit trafficking at checkpoints or open terrain, assist refugees, and contain global migration. 


AI to help border agents determine fact from fiction at points of entry and guide immigration processes.

global development

Strengthen international alliances and help businesses of all sizes grow on multiple continents. 


New power grids using both fossil fuels and green technology to quench global energy demands.


Investment in global supply chain infrastructure to increase import-export capacity, security, and GDP. 


Purified drinking water, repaired dams and hydro-electric power stations, and restored marine life in lakes and rivers.


Training for men and women working in fragile countries to evade hostage-taking and terror attacks.

learn The benefits of energy diversity

Fossil Fuel Technology and Green Energy to Build New Power Grids

Generate the Energy to Grow

We can outperform the Green New Deal by building new power grid systems that run on diverse energy technology including gas-to-electric conversion facilities connected to gas pipelines. Using a combination of both fossil fuels and green technology to meet growing energy demands will stimulate growth across energy sectors. Growing middle-weight cities that show increasing GDP and are already undergoing construction booms are a good place to start building new grids.

We can also export new grid systems to help with energy demands among our allies overseas and strengthen international partnerships. 

Work with us

Work with us

Outthink the Problem,

& Never Outlive the Dream

Creative problem solving with teams of diverse career backgrounds allow us to  engage each problem in a variety of ways to provide unexpected solutions  that work and take us to new levels of progress. These solutions are then formed into programs or initiatives that undergo rigorous testing until each is made battle-ready.

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