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While protestors fight for the release of individuals wrongfully imprisoned by the Iranian government individuals like Mostafa Abdi, a Gonabadi Dervish, Narges Mohammadi, a mother of two, and Nasrin Sotoudeh, a human rights lawyer, suffer with many others in Iranian prisons. We are witnessing the events of the 1980s repeated in 2018…the Reign of Terror, the Chain Killings, and the early 2000s crackdowns.

Reza Pahlavi in the WSJ states his mission:

“My life’s mission is not to assume a personal leadership role in the future state; it is, and has been for more than 39 years, to serve as a source of hope, a voice for unity, and an instrument of change for the Iranian people. Once my compatriots have reached the milestone of a national referendum—once the Iranian people have the chance to select, for the first time, the leaders of their choosing—my mission will be fulfilled.”  –Reza Pahlavi

It appears that the Iranian regime may soon atone for its long and unrelenting offenses against the people of Iran, who are united in their mission to throw off yoke of the Islamic regime and the IRGC. The men and women imprisoned in Iran are no longer to be used as bartering chips for cash payments and other favors from the west; the United States and European Union have condemned the ongoing arrests, treatment of prisoners, and the rule of law in the Islamic Republic.

Old Predictions, The Wisdom of Survival

Reza Pahlavi’s supporters in Iran, the US, and the EU are addressing the history of the last four decades since the rupture of the US-Iran alliance in the late 1970s between US President Carter in particular and Mohammad Reza Pahlavi Shah. The situation during that time was strained by tensions in the region with Iraqi Kurds and possession of the Gulf, the nuclear program including the 1977 Operation Flower a nuclear missile program, Russian influence in Iran among leftists, and other factors which eventually severed ties between the two powers. Unfortunately, the absence of diplomatic relations didn’t help the situation.

Empress Farah Pahlavi predicted then that “if Jimmy Carter keeps this up, ultimately Khomeini will come back and with him will come to an Islamic revolution. The Russians will invade Afghanistan, Iraq will go to war against Iran, and who knows what horror will come upon the world.”

Perhaps this was the plan all along that Khomeini would come to Iran the subsequent Islamic Revolution, the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan, and the Iran-Iraq War according to an opposition website protesters are using and discussing on social media. These discussions point to historic designs involving the current regime in Iran to contribute to the large-scale destabilization of the regions of the Middle East and North Africa with militant Islam, something history has shown in numerous revolutions, wars, and mass migrations. Nation after nation has confronted Islamic extremist infiltration, terror franchising, and the criminal currencies of human trafficking, drugs, weapons, and the holding of nations’ hostage with utilities, medicine, and development under terror regimes.

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