With Iran sidelined from Idlib missions in Syria, it may seek retaliation in Yemen as famine and starvation threaten ½ the population. Many are urging an immediate end to the conflict. Pompeo is urging continued US support for the Saudi-led forces. The window of opportunity to act is while Iran is weak. Iranian aggression in the region is being hit from many angles including its presence in Palestine and Syria. In Yemen, this may be the best chance for victims of cholera and starvation on the brink of death.

What is best for the people of Yemen? The Red Sea Port of Hodeida is the import destination for 90% of Yemen’s food supply held by Iran. Mercenaries trained by Israeli defense forces recently lead an assault on the city of the Red Sea port of Hodeida per a secret agreement. Weapons have been pouring in from Israel, the UAE, and Saudi Arabia. 17.8 million people will die if the port can’t be liberated including 5.2 million children.

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