Iran Specialists in the CIA Step Down

Patriots will be pleased to hear that some of the CIA’s top Iran experts are quietly being removed from their posts and transitioning to private sector positions. Leaked emails and cell phone conversations and declassified FISA documents are not only pointing to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein but the CIA’s top Iran experts as well.

Margaret Stromecki, head of the Iran Mission Center (IMC) in Langley is joining those whom have already transitioned out including the National Intelligence Manager for Iran (NIM-I) at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) Norman Roule, and Leslie Ireland stepping down from the Treasury Department as assistant secretary for intelligence and analysis former head of Intelligence for Iran prior to Roule.

The Dark Prince who Destroyed Imad Mugniyah

Iranian authorities blame recent riots and the latest military parade attack in Iran on the “Dark Prince,” newly appointed as head of The Iran Mission Center (IMC) Michael d’Andrea also known as, “Ayatollah Mike.” He is known for his drone tactics and involvement in taking out Imad Mugniyah, the international operations chief for Hezbollah as well as Osama bin Laden.  d’Andrea is the former Chief of the CIA’s Counter Terrorism Center, a joint effort with Saudi and Israeli funding and partnership.

The new leadership appears to have effected the latest transformations in Iran’s position in the region and the regime’s ability to stay in power in the immediate future evidenced by the latest attack on Iran’s on military parade publicly attributed to the Islamic State and the Ahvaz National Resistance. An Ahwazi activist, Ahmad Mola Nissi, was killed last year at the Hague with the emergence of a new opposition group campaigning for a liberal democracy in Iran headed by Damon Golriz, a Hague-based social scientist utilizing support from Reza Pahlavi.  

The attack on Iran’s military parade, on Iran’s position in Yemen at the Port of Hodeidah on the Red Sea, and recent friction within the Iran-Syria alliance have led the White House to organize a United Nations Security Council meeting this month in New York.  

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