Kavenaugh Hearings: Blake Silenced; Feinstein Exposed; Battling in the Hearing Room

“November is Coming,” was the widespread threat to Brett Kavenaugh’s appointment to SCOTUS after tears from Dr. Ford’s “revenge of the Clinton’s for 2016,” and Senator Lindsay Graham’s “hope [they] never get it.” The spectacle may have compromised Democrat Senator Feinstein as emails were allegedly hacked and information possibly leaked. The Supreme Court appointment is vital to the republican agenda to prosecute cases of treason and corruption involving high level officials and private sector executives as suspects involved in national security scandals.

Power-Play Shifts to FBI Investigation

Election rigging is just one item on the agenda. Details of other events like 9/11 may be coming down the FISA gauntlet pending further conclusions on Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein. Former President Barack Obama is hitting the campaign trail in California, Ohio, Illinois, and Pennsylvania to support candidates in the midterms as part of the “November is Coming” solidarity mission against President Trump’s policies. Come December, both the public and private sectors will be forever changed around issues of corruption and penetration across sectors. These are landmark moments in world history that will change the working order of many things. Such is the cumulative effect of both domestic and foreign policies since 2016. The hearings will resume Saturday after a one-week FBI investigation during which time, Rosentein’s fate may also be determined. 

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