Saudi Material Support the Kurds

Kurdish independence is being used to build more pressure on Iran in the region. This is especially visible in the opening of Kurdish and Saudi relations following recent Kurdistan’s elections and after sustaining attacks from Iran targeting Kurdish leaders in past weeks. What better ally for an infant state than the wealthy Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and long time nemesis of Iran signaled in the recently opened flight paths between the two countries. The flight suggests material support for the Kurds in ongoing efforts to harass Iran.

Supporting greater autonomy for Kurds in the Islamic Republic, the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG)is a key accelerator in the slowly collapsing Iranian regime. A delegation from Riyadh which met with the KRG in Erbil opened economic ties for Saudi investment. Saudi investors and members of the KRG completed the first round of a conference to pursue investment opportunities in the region of Kurdistan. This particular region is on its way to become an important center of investment and trade, an industrial center for Iraq, agriculture, and travel hub including a tourism industry. The Saudi government is also opening a consulate to improve its affairs with all ethnic and religious groups in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq.

Iran, and Shia minorities in Iraq are criticizing the advances, but the Iranian government has done little for its Kurdish minorities in the past 4 decades. Kurdistan welcomes major investor relationships as its past financial support has come mainly from its own diaspora communities living abroad.

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