Kurkuk Remembered

Nearly a year ago, on October 16, 2017 Iraqi and Iran-backed paramilitary forces captured the oil province of Kurkuk from the security forces and Peshmerga of Kurdistan. Now, Kurdish activists are calling for a one hour strike in protest to military rule scheduled for the one year anniversary of the event. The land is currently in dispute, the Kurdish people under Iraq’s military rule, and the institution of new customs points between Kurkuk and Erbil has initiated a price war. Kurdish businesses located in Erbil are encouraged to close their shops beginning at 9 in the morning.

In Turkey, over 150 Kurds have been arrested with over 50 thousand in prison in Turkey. Mehmet Serif Camci who is HDP’s Diyarbakir provincial Co-chair, Kibriye Evren, Abdurrahman Gok, Semiha Alankus, Cihan Olmez, and Nurettin Turgay were among those recent arrests.

At a recent press conference in New York, two Kurdish journalists, Majeed Gly and Rahim Rashidi from Rudaw news network approached President Trump on the Kurd’s hour of need. The president said, “We are helping them… Kurds are great fighters. And they are a great people.” The US and Saudi Arabia are supporting the Kurd’s fight in the region and working to set up investment ventures to develop Kurdish lands.

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