The Russians called it, “sabotage.” In communist Russia, saboteurs were executed in purges eliminating threats to their Soviet ideology and totalitarian way of life, and they were most fearful of saboteurs because of the means they themselves used to take control. The bombs recently intercepted to George Soros, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Brennan, and CNN represent the latest attack or act of sabotage on the midterm elections against a constitutionalist congress.

Hillary Clinton has said, “unless we get control back, there will be no civility.” This statement clearly defines this year’s midterms elections akin to Russia’s Bolshevik Revolution when despite national elections in early November of 1917 showing the Bolshevik party’s unpopularity, communist Bolsheviks proceeded with armed sailors closing the assembly hall locking delegates out until the Bolshevik dominated Third Congress of Soviets was confirmed.

The fake bomb threats provided to sabotage the GOP and midterm elections comes in a coordinated attack with the Federal Reserve’s repeated hikes in interest rates to sabotage the economy. The Federal Reserve is inching closer to a globalized monetary system that will have devastating effects on not only to the US but also to the many nations that depend on the strength of the dollar for their economic survival. For these developing countries, the even the slightest downturn in the US economy often has the impact of a full depression there.

Social Media Blowback Discrediting Mainstream Media for Bomb Scare and False Flags

AP is already retracting earlier statements about the bombs as the left experience blowback for this recent attempt to divisions in our communities. This is more like a political suicide bomb for the left following the aggressive caravan gesture to harass multiple sovereign borders, a move that will make migration for legitimate refugees and the asylum process longer and more costly. This is a sign of gross negligence, abuse of government resources, and a slap in the face to those suffering in the actual crisis of population displacement that is growing by the tens of millions as a result of instability Central America, Africa, and Syria.

The recent use of deceased voter identities is another act of sabotage worthy of global embarrassment for a country so unique in its equal opportunity as to attract life from every corner of the world. This is the kind of government behavior those choosing to immigrate flee from. Many are fearing a repeat of the Russian collusion of 2016 which was proven to be another form of international sabotage that has left the democratic party and foreign governments exposed to global public rebuke.  

The conflict has been described as a civil war between American constitutionalists and a globalist deep state with players on both sides of the democratic and republican parties. This conjures retrospective images of an international Constitutional Movement that happened in Japan, Iran, the Ottoman Empire, and eventually Russia, and China producing the mixed outcomes of democratic and communist societies of the last century. Japan’s victory over Tsarist Russia in the Russo-Japanese War (1904-1905) inspired a constitutionalist democratic Japan that in turn inspired a constitutionalist monarchy in Iran in 1906. Sadly, constitutionalism in Iran has been short-lived and dissent inside Iran continues to rattle the Islamic Republic today.

Constitutionalism was seen as the ultimate tool of modernism and development using the rule of law against tyranny and arbitrary rule. It was the foundation for industrial development, modern medicine, and innovation as a result of free thinking. Today, a quick look at the line-up of trials awaiting US Supreme Court decisions reveals the threat to constitutionalism in the United States. The Kavanaugh confirmation hearings discussed the possible use of military tribunals where acts of treason may have been committed. These trials will bring to light terrorism litigation involving countries like Iran and extrajudicial killing from governments like Sudan operating in the US in addition to the details of the 9/11 commission and the interpretation of the constitution on matters of theology, sexual identity, and speech. 

Bolshevik Violence to Achieve Globalism, Watch Out, Declassification

The Bolshevik take-over the Russia partly depended on the capture of the train system and the logistics that the those trains secured for the Red Army. In the US today, the capture of social media has become like those trains and embattled are social media companies like Facebook’s war room, marked by some in the media as the most influential platform globally. With these acts of sabotage on the election process combined and ongoing loss of life already suffered over the last 2 years on the president and Air Force One which was confronted with attacks like rogue missiles and the devastating affair in Las Vegas, it appears that this conflict is far from being a bloodless revolution.

The use of violence including Red Terror in Bolshevism was far from the dream of socialism in Russia and left the Russian people paralyzed to overcome the communist threat from 1921 all the way to 1991 when the Soviet system eventually collapsed. Inside the Soviet Empire, the gulag labor camps swelled until neighbor turned on neighbor and friend on friend and silence in the workplace or the home meant someone was listening. Children were taught from an early age how to answer questions from authorities about mommy and daddy, and fathers kept a packed suitcase by the door waiting for the day of his arrest. Americans are facing the ultimate threat to their sovereignty and individual liberties. For those questioning their place in the future, read the personal memoir by Nadezhda Mandelstam, Hope Against Hope and imagine this life encompassing a global scale.

The US government need only declassify documents. If released in time, these may give voters confidence in their decisions in the last days of the elections. Are we really going to repeat the histories of both Iran and Russia?

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