After some 500 rockets were sent into Israel by Hamas and other Palestinian factions, a cease-fire was reached with critics on both sides already gathering in protest. Protests this year have already claimed over 200 Palestinian protesters of the blockade on Gaza. 500 Hamas rockets and mortars tested weaknesses in Israel’s iron dome and called into action all IDF reserves after a Hamas leader was killed in a covert operation. Qatar and others have threatened to cut funding to Hamas over the conflict. Brazil is considering following the US pattern to shift embassies to Jerusalem. Egypt is criticizing both Israel and Brazil.

US State Department declared it stands with Israel but called for an immediate halt in aggression. IDF has confirmed that 20-plus Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad targets in Gaza, including terror compounds, observation posts and rocket-launching squads have been hit. The ceasefire will return matters to 2014 conditions, but others are predicting further belligerence from Hamas and its supporters and ongoing covert or clandestine missions between Israel and Palestine connected to other conflicts in the region. The conflict in 2014 lasted about 50 days with anywhere between 50-150 rockets fired daily.

Critics are pointing out that since the last cease-fire agreement, Hamas has been given the opportunity to stockpile some 20,000 rockets and mortar shells and developed advanced combat weapons including multi-copper drones and small unmanned aerial vehicles without a care as to civilian casualties.

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