Sanctions on Iran are working. Iran’s government is showing signs of beginning to bleed out by flooding the market with liquidity and providing loans to people on the verge of default, mainly the middle class. However, this does not appear to lessen the level of dissent in Iran towards the establishment’s elite who continue to invest outside the country. Sanctions have gone into effect and Iran has been excluded from the SWIFT system.

For the Iranian mainstream, hope remains in regime change according to latest news and social conversation from Iranians who watched the midterm elections. Regime change advocates are waiting to see any foreign policy changes with most Iranians pushing for stronger pressure on the Islamic Republic as part of their longer embattled relationship with the regime over issues of equality, human rights, and economic opportunity spanning decades with or without sanctions.

The Statistical Center of Iran in September showed 5.4% inflation while the Central Bank reported 6.1% that month. The Central Bank and the issue of frozen assets still loom at the supreme court level. If the Central Bank wins it will be a major financial windfall, Peterson wins, it will set a new canon for other terrorism litigation claims and payouts involving multiple governments that have sponsored acts of terrorism in some way. Meanwhile the Revolutionary Guards’ speedboats continue their attempts to control the Gulf, but they do not have the power to sustain Iranian control of the waterway for long against western naval forces.

Panic Strikes International Players

This can all change in an instant. If Iran had a reliable legal and financial system, it would be an excellent trading partner and ally on its way to becoming a major superpower. But as it stands now, today is the anniversary of the 2015 Paris terrorist attacks and for CIA experts on Iran who joined Thomas Kaplan’s Counter Extremism Project (CEP) and United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) are engaged in their first meeting with Jean-Charles Brisard who was also Co-counsel, Chief investigator and expert on terrorism and terrorism financing for 9/11 Families class-actions for MOTLEY RICE LLC representing over 10,000 family member victims of 9/11 between 2002-2009.

Recently published testaments by Mike “Thomas Paine” Moore detail the hiding the of Osama bin Laden in Iran after 9/11 and conspiracy to continue the cover up through the secret nuclear agreement involving France, Germany, US, UK, Russia, China, and Iran. Mike Moore implicates former CIA director, John Brennan who initiated the Iran Mission Centre (IMC) and former presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama and presidential candidate Clinton. As panic continues within the conspiracy, Sessions has resigned and Robert Mueller also implicated by Moore has announced the coming of new indictments as Iran continues to threaten war in the Gulf if oil tankers are attacked. Russian Naval Forces prepare to hit Idlib in Syria after numerous violations to the ceasefire. The regional tension is rising once again. Hamas has opened fire on Israel with other Palestinian factions. Iran could become divided between conflicts in Israel and Syria from the Red Sea and Shipping in the Gulf.

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