The Incredible Costs of Rebuilding Libya, Syria, Iraq, and Others Under the Ongoing Spread of Extremism

The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) are putting investment capital into Libya according to a World Bank representative who spoke at the MED2018 in Rome Thanksgiving Day. To drive the 21st century, world leaders and industry moguls are seeing the continent of Africa as the last remaining bastion of undeveloped energy and mining resources before perhaps the planet Mars.

Powerful players including Russia and China have entered this space faster than Africans can say “wrecking ball” and have increased their global sphere aggressively on the resources and at times the many conflicts of these lands. Globalist Europe and Middle East countries like Qatar are also in competitive pursuits to expand their interests. The liberal media in the west failed to report on an entire war that lasted from 1997 to 2011 called the MDJT War (Movement for Democracy and Justice in Chad).  

Trump’s Call for New Global Media Network

With big tech advantages like wireless communication, the rapidity of development in African countries far exceeds the time Europe, the US, and even the Middle East took to industrialize. These countries are developing with technology faster than that of their political and civil capabilities leaving them exposed to the indirect rule of either global order expansion or criminal exploitation. So, it is no wonder that the Italian Institute for International Political Studies a liberal organization aligned with with Atlantic Council and liberal press chose to focus last week on Libya, Iran, ISIS among other terror networks and migration.

The problems are real enough and daunting to behold for any one organization or country. Al-Qaeda and ISIS have expanded into Africa following defeats in the Middle East, and other terror networks and state sponsors are also heavily influenced in the Sahel and Horn of Africa. ISIS remains a cyber threat with online financing as well as recruiting globally. Where we disagree comes down to understanding the problems and solutions that should be applied. Often private companies drawn into paid research while prospecting countries in the pursuit of investment opportunity can be misinformed by think tanks that have political agendas. President Trump has not been given credit for any of his Africa and Middle East policy and the media is covering up what is really going on with global migration. HBO is already advertising their latest propaganda mission called ICEBOX which portrays the plight of Latin American immigrants while completely whitewashing even erasing the security issues at the heart of Amazon’s JEDI contract with the US government to provide facial recognition to ICE.

Like so many CNN documentaries, the drama show produced by HBO will no doubt fail to communicate the actual situation on the ground and on the border. CNN’s reporting on the US Counterterrorism strategy claimed it was identical to Obama’s and attacked Muslims as terrorists. Not accurate. The policy which included even environmental terrorism couldn’t be further from the Obama doctrine which if you all remember enabled a foreign enemy, Iran, to board and take hostage a US Naval ship and crew. This leadership can only be described as a long series of stand-down orders while our country was raped and pillaged by international pirates. President Trump’s assessment that CNN does not have enough competition overseas is quite accurate, although I doubt we’re heading for our own version of Russia Today, the Russian state media.

In this series of blogs, I’m going to address Libya, Sudan, and Chad as well as ISIS, al-Qaeda, Iran, and Idlib in Syria. While Trump’s strategy in the Middle East and Africa was not celebrated at the MED 2018 event in Rome, [The Italian Institute for International Political Studies has not released video of the MED2018 panel discussion about sanctions on Iran nor physical security and critical infrastructure.] one of the most illuminating attributes of the discussions by leaders of NATO, the World Bank, European and Middle East dignitaries was the Israeli alignment in contrast to past Palestinian support and perhaps most disturbing is their solution to migration.

Europe to Pay Syria for Accepting Refugees

Among Europe’s security community voiced not in press but at private trade events like international security conferences, members have been speaking out about the toll of migration on Europe’s socialized economies, security, and industry growth. The saddest and most heart-wrenching and actually ludicrous proposals put forth in answer to the migration issue is that Europe will be paying the Assad regime in Syria to accept refugees displaced from the Syrian Civil War who are currently residing in European countries, and this will be an “involuntary” procedure in Europe. Assad who been criticized in the media for chemical weapons, does not want his own people back in Syria and is demanding payment in various forms including reconstruction in order to allow his people to return home, and Europe is insane enough to go along with it though making sure the media makes it look like they care about the safety and security of refugees from war torn countries including Syria and Yemen.

As someone who runs a private think tank and who has worked closely with refugee communities, I am astounded that these propositions are the best professionals can do. And private companies especially those working in energy, infrastructure, mining, and transportation logistics should know what they are really paying for. This design will directly fund the Assad, Iran, Turkey axis in major conflicts throughout the Middle East and Africa as the nuclear deal investments in Iran have shown, these countries will fund their military interests over civil infrastructure.

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