Iran Threatens Europe with Drugs and Migrants

When will Europe learn that helping Iran skirt sanctions will not reward them with economic gains nor the security they seek. President Rouhani is threatening Europe with floods of migrants to their borders and drugs. It’s called narcoterrorism and Iran is a major chemical producer of heroin from poppies grown in Iran, Afghanistan, and elsewhere in the region.

The trafficking in narcotics from Iran runs to Eastern Europe through Turkey and also includes human slave trade and arms smuggling. Though this drug war began in Afghanistan by the US efforts in the Cold War after the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan to compromise the Soviet Union. Today it is considered effective narco-terrorism by Iran and its allies to shift the drug flows west to destabilize western society. The US military and intelligence refers to this as blowback.

It is not a coincidence that rivers of heroin and other narcotics are invading western countries at the same time corrupt officials want to legalize drug use under the banner that sales can be regulated. This would simply be another service to sponsors of narco-terrorism and effectively turn these and other drug cartels into wholesalers to attack western states from within.

While conflicts and economic ruin are sending millions of migrants towards safer places in Europe and the US, loose border policies have been exploited and have enabled this blowback to reach maturity. The mainstream media is blaming this move by Iran to be the result of US sanctions on Iran, but this covert war has long preceded sanctions.

Europe is incurring tremendous expense in the efforts to stop migration from Africa and the Middle East including people escaping Iran, and these examples are chief reasons for the tougher border policies in the US and greater expenses by Congress to more quickly process legitimate asylum seekers amidst migration attacks.

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