Meet Googliath and His Friends in Social Media

The Mueller report finding President Trump innocent of collusion with the Russian Federation’s interference in the 2016 election provides a clear picture of the Russian influence operation but how has the cat and mouse game changed since. Russian intelligence during the 2016 campaign season was able to successfully use social media platforms to engage Trump supporters including Facebook and Twitter even while these social media companies in cooperation with Google were suppressing content and communications to secure Hillary Clinton’s presidency. Such influence operations by the left and DNC may have contributed to the Russian decision to interfere in the 2016 election. You know it’s bad when DC corruption proves too great even for the Russians. Essentially, the democrats failed twice. First on the influence operation to win the election and second, to blame the Russian conspiracy on their opponent, President Trump. Let’s reconstruct what happened, as the stakes have only gotten more dangerous for the 2020 election.

Washington Examiner previously released a detailed account of how the information space was being controlled by Google, Yahoo, and social media companies in the run up to the 2016 election. We know from the recent release of the Mueller Report how Russia countered this. Both psyops, the liberal’s and the Russian’s, illegally influenced the 2016 election. Former employees of Facebook acting as news “curators” reported having routinely suppressed news about conservatives in May 2016 and only permitting news on Facebook’s platform that showed competing liberal narratives on the same topic. Any news from Breitbart or Newsmax for example was countered with the alternate liberal narrative push of CNN, BBC, New York Times, and more. Other whistleblowers have come forward with similar work experiences at other big tech companies. The damage to the 2016 election was considered “incalculable” given the power social media giants have over network television bias that could only influence the vote by a 4-6 point advantage. For this reason, they have been termed the “gatekeepers” by Frank Foer writer at The Atlantic. In the case of the Mueller report however, the real gatekeepers turned out to be a foreign power, Russia. Russia who was also fighting ISIS in Syria and there remains many unanswered questions about the relationship between the Obama administration and ISIS.

Facebook and Twitter went on to hire the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) to make the social media platforms sharia-compliant. A CAIR official recently in 2019 posted this using one such platform.

Jinan Shbat, the national outreach manager for CAIR tweeted, “You should burn in hell along with Israel” in response to the Emirati cycling team during a training event in Israel. CAIR is affiliated with Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood, and the United Arab Emirates designated CAIR as a terrorist entity in 2014. The organization boasts having groomed 200 Muslims to run for office in the 2020 US election.

Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have long been used as recruiting platforms for ISIS, al-Qaeda, and other terrorist organizations sporting radical Islamic propaganda and using private messaging tools to recruit, radicalize, and administrate active cells between western countries and conflicts in the Middle East, and attacks globally in some cases over a period of years with no interruption from social media companies. Though these companies have publicly declared to be making their platforms safer and more secure, the role of CAIR demonstrates the exact opposite.

Facebook employees do not appear immune from the influence operations themselves. Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg wrote, “I want HRC to win badly” in an email to Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta included in the leaked documents by WikiLeaks. It appears one of the Podesta brothers was offered immunity in the Russian investigation that found democrats and top levels of the FBI responsible for the fake dossier generated in the effort to impeach President Trump. Sandberg who contributed financially to Clinton’s campaign also wrote about working to elect “the first woman president” from an official executive Facebook position.

Google employees were also wooed into the progressive movement to interfere in the political process. A study conducted by the Campaign for Accountability revealed that “250 people shuttled from government service to Google or vice versa during the Obama administration” forming “deep links” between Google and the Obama administration. 31 Google executives were integrated into White House positions including federal advisory boards and 22 for White House officials were integrated into Google. This directly influenced the employee experience. A former Google employee recalls his experience at the company where he was directly exposed to political doctrine carefully crafted with appealing recreational enticements on the company’s dime:

“I get such a kick out of thinking about the incredible stuff I got to do while at Google (watch Barack Obama/Al Gore/Hillary Clinton/Colin
Powell/Malcolm Gladwell/Jimmy Carter speak, go to a trapeze class, hear John Legend play in Charlie’s cafe, go to a chocolate truffle making class, ski on Google’s dime year after year in Tahoe, to name just a few),”

Google also provided the Clinton campaign with tangible assets such as the use of company jets and financial contributions. Yet, its employees do not boast of high paying salaries, but rather their ability to impact society. A common slogan championing the employee experience goes, “People don’t work at Google for the money. They work at Google because they want to change the world!” Indeed, Google employees have changed the world. A recent joint military operation of Iran’s regime used Google’s facial recognition technology with Chinese support to capture CIA assets inside Iran. The mission was a success for Iran’s government. A classic maneuver in the indoctrination process is to separate the subject from outside influences that might impose competing ideology. The Google environment pressures a life of isolation according to former employees, “my experience was that the people who spent all their time at Google were the ones that ended up on the sexier projects or in charge of things.” Sexier projects like interfering in a presidential election. Employees with more world experience found themselves challenged by Google’s management to weed them out in favor of younger candidates. Another former Google employee described, “but the old-timers certainly felt like they had to have tough interviews, and in many cases tough equated to things like trivia questions or brain teasers, neither of which are completely relevant to what people were being interviewed for.”

Automation is also displacing human elements in the content curating processes at Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon. These companies hired the cyber company Fire-Eye which had previously bought out Mandiant to the build means and methods of controlling the content and accounts on their platforms. Mandiant which was also hired to investigate the Russian matter and found no collusion between the Russian intelligence operation and President Trump further developed content policing capabilities. Following the 2016 election result, it was anticipated by Patrick Hynes that “social media companies would double down on their support for Democrats in the 2020 election.” With the help of Fire-Eye, these companies in the name of safeguarding the platforms from foreign influence, began to use machine learning, tracking and monitoring of IPs, ISPs, keywords, and other triggers to locate fake accounts, remove users, and control the information presented on their platforms. Hynes also predicted “the social media companies will engage in full-scale censorship with the approval or rejection of advertising content in the next presidential election.” This has also contributed to the growing blacklist of banned users.

In the name of national security, or something like it, Google recently blacklisted The Western Journal. A recently leaked document from the company details part of the process:

“The beginning of the workflow starts when a website is placed on a watchlist which is used for monitoring of sites to determine if they violate the Good Neighbor Policy. This watchlist is maintained and stored by Ares with access restricted to policy & enforcement specialists working on the Good Neighbor Policy. Access to the listing can also be shared at the discretion of counsel and legal investigations on a need to know basis to enforce or enrich the policy violations.”

Ares, the god of war, program in tandem with the Good Neighbor Policy, symbolizing the political language of non-interference historically pertaining to policy on Cuba, is in part how the deviation has occurred from debugging Russian influence on the platform to neutralizing political opponents inside the U.S. The company has also tried other means to impose its influence such as sponsoring the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). When convincing employees under Google’s Senior Director of U.S. Public Policy, Adam Kovacevich coached, “I want to be clear that we don’t agree with those things, right?… We abhor and rebuke the offensive things that are said at the conference. Those things obviously don’t align with Google’s values and our approach.” Employees of Google claimed CPAC promoted “hate” and “ethno-nationalism” both branded terms of the progressive movement and possible psychological programming. Google has taken up other democrat agenda holy wars such as open borders that promote human trafficking. The company spent $417m on lobbying against a bill to penalize tech companies that promote sex trafficking.

Jochum Shore & Trossevin PC, republican lobbyists, represented another attempt to use conservatives to fight conservative issues as part of Google’s role on capitol hill. “If we want policymakers to help us when we have a bad bill or a regulation pending, we have to build relationships with them ahead of time. I think part of our work in the DC office and across all of our team is building relationships not just with the people in power but also with the people who influence them” is the official statement of the company and sex trafficking represents a “bad bill.” There automated AI and immense drone-like employee power can capture any unwanted content and win Hillary Clinton the popular vote but nothing in the warlord’s arsenal, Ares, that curbs sex trafficking. This trafficking industry is also used to smuggle other illicit items of terrorism across open and under-defended borders such as narcotics and weapons related materials, terror finance, and Transnational Organized Crime. It is as much a digital war as it is a global ground war and involves state-level patrons of big tech.

As it stands now, the information space is being divided up into spheres of influence as the 2020 election draws near. Both Google and Twitter recently announced deals made with the Trump Administration. However, Facebook, Amazon and others remain in the cradle of corruption. Their boastful support for terrorism and assistance to foreign military operations should be met with sanctions and other criminal charges. Universities and many other non-profits parading as educational or charitable institutions that have associated with radicalization programs should be ineligible for grant funding from the U.S. and also hit with sanctions for supporting terrorism globally. With issues such as stability in the Middle East, border security and immigration, and ongoing relations with China and Russia central to demands on both sides, and the information war armed with cyber weapons, the stage is set for a winner takes all scenario.

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