Iran’s foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, in New York for a meeting at the United Nations has invited President Trump to swap prisoners. Secretary Pompeo announced earlier this week that the U.S. will not allow further exemptions for its trade partners like South Korea and Singapore to purchase Iran’s oil exports. Now that Iran’s government is facing the full impact of sanctions, it wants to talk prisoner exchange. The nuclear agreement under the Obama administration saw the release of prisoners and frozen assets along with delisting a large number of companies for previous sanctions violations including airlines, freight companies, and banks among others. Under the Trump administration, U.S. intelligence communities are undergoing some much-needed house-keeping concerning Iranian influence. It is unclear how many are detained between the two countries.

“We believe their charges are phony. The United States believes charges against these people in Iran are phony,… Fine, let’s not discuss that. Let’s have an exchange. I am ready to do it and I have the authority to do it.” Mohammad Javad Zarif

IRGC Floods Residents of Ahwaz

International human rights attorney, Irina Tsukerman, based in New York says the IRGC is once again violating human rights in Iran regarding recent flooding. To save oil facilities leased to China operated by IRGC, the waters were diverted to the province of Ahwaz.  “Videos and reports documenting the regime’s deliberate policy of changing the floodwaters’ course so that they would submerge residential areas and farmlands, causing a humanitarian catastrophe, rather than letting the waters run along the river beds to the delta area where oil and gas rigs and refineries are located” according to DUSC have inspired outrage. Tsukerman says the events also represent a land grab in the province by the Iranian regime which has already displaced some 300,000 people.  “It claims to have moved them to more secure locations; however, it is obvious that given the deliberate nature of the flooding the scheme was to deprive the Ahwazis of their land and to depopulate Ahwazi lands,” stated Tsukerman.

The IRGC is defending with tanks, heavy artillery, troops, and militia the berms and barriers securing the oil fields. The leasing of such properties to China [China also has significant leases for fishing in the Gulf.] is one of the Iran regime’s tactics to secure protection from the Chinese military protection should an invasion occur. It enables the IRGC and Iran backed militias to be more aggressive in the region, and against Israel, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and the U.S. globally.

“There has been no coverage of Ahwaz in the US media at all.”

Rahim Hamid

The media black-out in Iran and absence of coverage internationally is part of the liberal establishment media despite claims that they stand for human rights to regain power in 2020. This is at the expense of the Iranian people and global stability. It will not stand. The Iranian people are not alone.

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