America Divided

Today, the United States mourns the losses of 9/11 victims as efforts to defund the police, homeland security, and the military are being vigorously pursued by protestors in the streets and in the back-rooms of government. Key Democrat-run cities are fast becoming terror hot-spots for radicalized groups claiming territory, setting up new laws, and subjecting US citizens to violent unrest. This Line of Effort combined with a Biden presidential campaign promise to enforce a policy to buyback legally owned assault rifles clearly outlines a DDR campaign to disarm and demobilize both American citizens and the official government of the United States. As it stands now, the country is being divided into Zones of Influence throughout the internet space and the physical realm where the rule of law is being tested.


What is a DDR campaign?

DDR stands for Disarmament Demobilization Reintegration. The historic applications of DDR first originated as post-conflict efforts to build peace by allowing armed combatants to turn over their weapons and rejoin society upon such proceedings as the signing of cease-fire agreements and other conflict terminating settlements. It was also designed to reintegrate ex-combatants into the local economy through education, training, and employment efforts. In recent years DDR has undergone a third shift since the Cold War allowing for the surrender of weapons to begin while armed combatants are still active. Usually with funding provided by the United Nations and implementation by the host nation, DDR programs exist throughout the terror afflicted Middle East and African continents. 

A recent study from Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich found that “monetization of DDR is creating a cottage industry for former fighters traveling across international borders rejoining armed groups as mercenaries.” The study also warned that “the dilemma of perceiving DDR and CVE [Countering Violent Extremism] through a narrow socio-economic lens… ignores the dynamics of well-educated and middle-income youth becoming radicalized and joining highly asymmetric and terrorist groups… which occurs in Europe and the United States.” Rand Corporation recently reported in a study that “America’s jihadists are made in the United States.” The study found that America’s jihadists do not reflect an immigration problem,” because “among foreign-born travelers, most arrived in the United States as children and spent roughly the same number of years there between their arrival and their attempt to join the jihad.”


From Ferguson to Palestine

A power player among the ACLU is American university professor, Marc Lamont Hill, a Distinguished Professor of African American Studies at Morehouse College who has also been employed at Columbia University and Temple University. Recently, the professor traveled abroad and stated that, “we came to Palestine to stand in love and revolutionary struggle… to a land that has been stolen by greed and destroyed by hate… and we resist the occupation… from Ferguson to Palestine, the struggle for freedom continues.” The ideologies of Marxism and radical Islam first fused in the Middle East during the 20th century. The BLM movement embodies that voice on American soil.

Heritage Foundation reported “watching all the usual progressive Big Money Boys pour resources into the Black Lives Matter network, the ACLU… wants to abolish the Department of Homeland Security.” Articles also confirm interests to Defund the Department of Defense. BLM and its affiliates recently raised over $1b that shows the potential for spending on armed conflict. Bloomberg reported that “Kamala Harris… supports a mandatory buyback of military-style assault weapons.” Upon receiving push-back, a propaganda piece from attempted to perform damage control by re-stating that the vice presidential candidate said, “upon being elected, I will give the US Congress 100 days to… pass reasonable gun safety laws. And if they fail to do it, I will take executive action” to buyback weapons.

The ACLU’s mobilization campaign is shaping up to provide freedom of movement for armed radical revolutionaries on the streets of the United States alongside government efforts to purge US citizens of their right to bear arms. In most official DDR campaigns implemented abroad, ex-combatants disarm on a volunteer basis. Many DDR programs fail because the removal of arms from one group while other factions remain provisioned often triggers a return to hostilities. The campaign promise by Harris guarantees a mandatory action not a volunteer effort that risks leaving many law-abiding US citizens at risk of harm by radicals during this time of crisis. Wave upon wave of violent protests causing private property damage to restaurants, shops, small businesses, and public spaces carried out with assaults on civilians are pushing boundaries of both society and law enforcement.

Generally, DDR programs apply to insurgent forces, but here in the US the Defund Movement migrates these tactics and applies them to national law enforcement to delegitimize their authority and break down morale. Psychologically, the buyback campaign is not only an attack on the constitutional right to carry, but on citizenship that guarantees access to other constitutional rights. This is because participants in DDR programs overseas are usually detained voluntarily in camps or held as criminals.


This Land is Our Land

The struggle also continues online. A warning of cyberattacks was printed in 2018 in the book, The Nano Age of Digital Immunity Infrastructure Fundamentals and Applications: The Intelligent Cyber Shield for Smart Cities 1st Edition. The author, Rocky Termanini, warned that some technologies using the Internet of Things were speeding through commercialization ahead of the cyber security industry’s ability to mitigate threat. The pandemic created a perfect storm of on-boarding new users while cyberattacks were being carried out on everything from ships at sea heading for US coasts to hospitals confronting the challenges of COVID-19. Many cyberattacks have come in the form of DDoS attacks carried out by “the dragon ninjas of the Internet.” “When a high rise building implodes, it brings all the floors, one after another, to the ground. DDoS is a violent cyber implosion that brings any computing infrastructure down,” explains Termanini eerily describing a cyber 9/11 scenario.

New Lines of Effort are needed to strengthen homeland security, heal the wounded, and insulate the economy from conflict and degradation. New technologies and strategic partnerships can help streamline these efforts and maximize success while pooling resources. Established businesses and emerging companies working in line with security efforts can help stabilize the environment, targeting the tools and critical nodes currently being exploited.


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