The Mission

Producing a groundbreaking historical series, the Archival Institute has brought to life Iran’s history using narrative animation and documentary culminating in the release of Iran: The Third Path, which is now available for purchase through Archival on Demand. Committed to educating and entertaining audiences worldwide Archival on Demand is a multimedia streaming platform, including written and video content, for world history focused on the Middle East, Asia, and Africa, some of the most conflict heavy regions of today. The release of the documentary series Iran: The Third Path will provide historical context for Iran’s current internal conflicts and international rivalries. These long-standing cultural clashes include democratic social movements, the evolution of political and militant Islam, economic struggle, and relations with superpowers throughout the events of the Constitutional Revolution of 1906, WWI and WWII, the Cold War, the global conflicts of today. You will explore the Middle East, Asia, and Africa through the eyes of historians in an unprecedented take on some of the richest history in the world and gain an in-depth understanding of complex problems affecting the global population.

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Customer Review

on September 18, 2018
At first I was quite skeptical about what political group would be behind making this documentary, but overall the journalism seems to be on point and very objective. A very fresh perspective on a history that is never taught inside or outside of the US or even in Iran. Highly recommended!


Dr. Ervand Abrahamian
Baruch College, New York

Archival: The Creation

Archival Institute worked with leading scholars from universities and museums around the world to provide an inclusive and in-depth discussion into ancient and modern-day Iran. Focused on filling in the informational gaps left by mainstream news-media you will find content that is filled with historically accurate information explaining the events that have shaped Iran into the dominant political and military force of the region.

Our Fellowship

The Archival Institute offers a fellowship program that facilitates private research and solution driven engagements relating to problems in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa that affect the world. Parts of the research can be utilized to strengthen the financial health and security of private companies and to increase efficiency in governmental and nongovernmental programs while the other half contributes to ongoing academic achievement. Fellowships are available internationally and range between full-time dedicated assignments or part-time multi-institutional collaborations and include a variety of professional and academic fields.

The Motivation

Archival Institute delights in uncovering forgotten histories and exploring new and constantly changing subjects to educate and amaze audiences around the world. Persian Voices: Travelling the Third Path explores controversial social issues in what was once one of the richest empires on earth. Covering political and radical Islam, feminism within Islamic society, and the westernization of the Middle East you will be immersed in a culture that has a political impact far outside its borders.

Archival on Demand

Archival on Demand reports on historical and current events happening in the Middle East and Africa. Stories are posted daily providing in-depth explanations and historical background on groundbreaking issues affecting not only the Middle Eastern and African regions but the world.

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