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We conduct research on difficult problems in global security, migration, employment, international law and trade, and other areas to provide solutions with technology, programs, and initiatives that will move those mountains of concern.

Whether the challenge is illicit trafficking in humans, narcotics, and weapons, how to close gaps in US infrastructure investment, or how to develop the forgotten lands of the African continent before the Chinese and Russians, we are uniquely positioned to design and implement strategy to turn crisis into opportunity. 




Road repair and construction between airports and seaports encompass high speed rail systems to connect over regional drastically distances reducing travel time. Construction includes the building of underground super grids and communication lines that will also serve the cyber security of the combined infrastructure in the area. 


Connecting cities across a radius of 4-6 hours driving time will introduce rail transport that can make the journey in an hour or less. This means mining, manufacturing, and food can be delivered in record time improving our GDP and import-export capacity.  This plan doesn’t just develop one city at a time but an entire metroplex or region to be more economically diverse.



Economic growth in industries and population increase demand energy. New power grids can be supported by a variety of energy technology including gas-to-electricity conversion where gas exists, coal where coal exists, wind where it blows, and solar where temperatures bake. Place the right electricity converting facility where raw resources are located and provide more power more efficiently over new superconducting grids.


Build in areas already experiencing economic growth where large companies are migrating to and creating new jobs to take advantage of existing construction booms that allow for implementation of energy investment. These areas will produce profits rather than energy welfare. Stay away from overgrown cities and states from where people are leaving like California and New York. This new patchwork of smaller grids will be easier to maintain and will provide power where new demands are precisely located.

Global Development


The  US has helped allied countries develop for the last 100+ years, but never before have those investments produced returns that directly applied to infrastructure repairs back home. This is the first of its kind model that allows nations and allies to develop in both places and across multiple countries at the same time. These strategic partnerships allow our investments overseas to produce funds or materials that can be reinvested domestically to slash investment gaps in infrastructure development like the $1.1T still needed for road maintenance or billions needed to fix dams and water pipes.


For developed allies like Israel, Japan, Singapore, and others with diversified and strong economies, utilize allied strength to develop those countries less developed and fan out urban and resource development to absorb displaced populations to prevent slum cities from forming.



Water shortages are expected to produce greater international tensions over the next century than petroleum related conflicts have in recent decades. New technologies assist in water conservation techniques to maintain drinking water, irrigation, and industry supplies. This includes improved filtration and desalination means and methods, smarter industrial controls, and cyber security. 


Rehabilitate fresh water bodies to extend our precious water supply and alleviate undue stress on filtration systems. While we’re at it, we can work to reintroduce fresh water fishing to rivers and lakes recovering from pollution causing high mercury content in marine life. 

Border Crisis


Powerful sensors can see into tunnel networks and through vehicles and other barriers. They can analyze chemical compositions from a safe distance and weigh even explosive substances alerting authorities to exactly what danger awaits. Border agents will know whether to send a bomb squad or send warning to evacuate several cities. 


Placed approximately every 27 miles, these towers create a virtual protective shield that spans the entire US Mexico border. They can be installed along other border locations on land or partially submerged in waters offshore to protect areas like Florida and California to detect narcotics, malicious freight, and the presence of human trafficking. As sensors face outward and are programmed to look for specific threats, they do not violate privacy or airspace.

Our Top Priorities

Our Border Reconnaissance Program is designed to intercept illicit trafficking in humans, narcotics, weapons, and counterfeit or stolen goods giving authorities the intel they need in plenty of time to prepare for any event. This saves lives on both sides of the border.

Border Security

Integrated Border Security System for Land, Air, and Sea combatting the drone threat and illicit trafficking.



A new breathalyzer design tests for viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens to improve national security.

global development

Strengthen international alliances and help businesses of all sizes grow on multiple continents. 


New power grids using both fossil fuels and green technology to quench global energy demands.


Investment in global supply chain infrastructure to increase import-export capacity, security, and GDP. 


Purified drinking water, repaired dams and hydro-electric power stations, and restored marine life in lakes and rivers.


Training for men and women working in fragile countries to evade hostage-taking and terror attacks.

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