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Archival on Demand presents short films about the current events shaping the world history of tomorrow. Watch the in-depth news about ongoing regional and global conflicts, trade empires, and technological transformations in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. Learn about US and European missions in the developing world, and the social movements in developing countries that generate change.

Archival on Demand Film Shorts

Tensions are raised internationally as protesters in Iran face the Supreme Leader and Revolutionary Guards, and the Islamic government tries to expand its influence in the region. Protesters around the world and inside Iran shout Make Iran Great Again after demonstrations against the Islamic Republic broke out in December of 2017 and continue to present day.

Learn about the modern history that shaped today's current issues in Asia and the Middle East.

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With the fall of the Ottoman Empire in WWI and Russia immersed in civil war between the White and Red Army, Iran becomes a rich target for communist separatists movements in support for the new Soviet Union. With Russian and British tensions rising, a strong nationalist leader, Reza Khan, takes control of the nation.

Explore the International Struggle to Stabilize Africa

The Global Fight for Africa

In response to the Africa migration crisis and global war on terror, western powers struggle to stabilize African countries that have fallen victim to insurgents including ISIS, Boko Haram, Al Shabaab, AQIM, and many other militia groups. With 70 million people around the world now displaced from their homes and native countries, many are from the continent of Africa. The current humanitarian crisis and ongoing security threat is causing European countries and the United States to spend massive efforts to stabilize the forgotten countries of Africa.

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Coming Soon: The Frozen Theater

Grisha Bruskin was born in the Soviet Union in October of 1945 at the close of WWII and dawn of the nuclear age. With Cold War tensions overtaking childhood lessons, the artist came of age in an underground culture that defied the Soviet situation in the pursuit of self-expression and individual liberties. Depicting the Soviet civilization as a mass grave that must be excavated and studied to understand the codes of the past, Bruskin erects an arts memoria to see the rise and fall of the Soviet Empire as a fallen civilization that continues to pose questions to future generations.