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The Frozen Theater

The Frozen Theater, an Archival original production

Genre: History Documentary Modern Russia

Filmed on location in Russia, Europe, and the United States, Grisha Bruskin’s life and work fill audiences around world with the touching encounters of childhood in a chilling state system where propaganda determines the destiny of men. From the dark corridors of his grandmother’s home where the children could eat matzo, Bruskin grew up a Soviet Jew until events compelled him join an underground social and artistic movement he could use to rise above the limitations of the time. The work of Grisha Bruskin has gone on to international exhibitions such as the Venice Biennale. In The Frozen Theater, Bruskin conducts a powerful excavation of a mass grave of forms embodying the Soviet civilization as historians describe the events of modern Russian history blurred with the artist’s own personal experiences of life beneath the public stage of the state. As nightmares unfold from the neurotic events of Cold War era nuclear turmoil and post Soviet terrorism, Bruskin embarks on a mission to discover the true enemy.

Irina Prokharova

“He like many writers, artists were trying to understand the tragedy of that generation which was destined to be a Renaissance but ended up a generation of hostages.”

Boris Orlov

“We wanted to record absolutely everything before it collapsed”

Olga Sviblova

“If we consider how many millions of people died in Stalin’s labor camps. They all died with the same article. They were charged as public enemies.”

Grisha Bruskin

“In my childhood, there were two Gods, Lenin and Stalin.”

From the Excavation

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Discover the Beginnings of the Nuclear Arms Race Between Germany, the US, and Russia

The Power of Art to Save a People

“What do we do with the memories? The past does not remain the past, it remains in the present.”

Irina Prokharova, publisher of The New Literary Review and The Emergency Ration in Moscow

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