The Soviet Underground

In modern Russian history, the Soviet underground was alive with intellectual debate, individual ideas, and personal expression among the private lives of trusted friends beneath the surveillance systems of the Soviet machine. From this intense intellectual center came a whole movement of creative voices empowered by will to express the realities of the Soviet situation until suddenly the communist empire came crashing down with financial stagnation and political decay. The once suppressed became the leaders of new movements in Russia and the international art world.

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The Frozen Theater

Years following the destruction of the Soviet Union and the creation of the Russian Federation, Grisha Bruskin buried figures embodying the Soviet civilization as a mass grave. After years of waiting for nature to decompose the forms, the artist excavated the site to rediscover the fallen empire and reveal the history that took place there. Historians recount the events of the rise and fall of the Soviet Union, as Bruskin remembers his childhood and the events that compelled him to rebel.

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