Embracing an Open Economy

Control Supply Chain Logistics During Outbreaks

Our Early Warning Detection System for biothreats aggregates data across testing platforms for crops, livestock, and healthcare.

See alerts across screening platforms to Prevent shortages and Surpluses during outbreaks.

Our Early Warning Detection System Improves Economic Resilience to Pandemics

Our network enables data collection from testing platforms used to test for viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens in crops and livestock to prevent cross-contamination within food production and supply chains. Human testing results in healthcare can be utilized with privacy protections aimed at better serving communities with improved access to resources and services during crises.


alerts generated from crops, livestock, and healthcare

Biothreat detection with AI Diagnostics

OUr biosensor tests for airborne viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens in air-flow systems.

Testing for Multiple Biological Agents at the Same Time

Unlike the PCR test, our biosensor can test for multiple biological threats simultaneously to increase screening coverage. We combine AI image recognition for medical diagnostics that can also be used to monitor for mutations and provide assistance with research used to create treatments.  


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Articles and Blogs

This Land is Our Land: New Zones of Influence

This Land is Our Land: New Zones of Influence

Today, the United States mourns the losses of 9/11 victims as efforts to defund the police, homeland security, and the military are being vigorously pursued by protestors in the streets and in the back-rooms of government. Key democratic run cities are fast becoming terror hot-spots for radicalized groups claiming territory, setting up new laws, and subjecting US citizens to violent unrest. This Line of Effort combined with a presidential campaign promise to enforce a policy to buy-back legally owned assault rifles clearly outlines a DDR campaign to disarm and demobilize both American citizens and the official government of the United States.

US Mexico Border Crisis: Unintended Consequences of Porous Borders

US Mexico Border Crisis: Unintended Consequences of Porous Borders

Exploring Immigration Options The US Mexico agreement to enable asylum seekers to stay in Mexico for the duration of their claims is moving forwards despite recent opposition from activists. Mexico will benefit from President Trump’s decision to allow 30,000 seasonal...

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