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Trafficking in Humans, Weapons, and Narcotics

Crisis Conditions Are Being Used by Transnational Traffickers

This is the worst humanitarian and refugee crisis since WWII with numbers of displaced people globally reaching upwards of 60m. Just like in WWII, refugees today are migrating from multiple areas of conflict and instability.

Following wars in the Middle East like the Syrian Civil War which started the Syrian Refugee Crisis, terror insurgents migrated to African countries and Asia. African refugees began pouring into boats headed for southern Europe and the next closest land masses in Latin America. Instability in Central America including Venezuela has contributed even more refugees headed for the US Mexico border. This is all on top of regular international migrant flows. What makes these problems worse is how the migration crisis is being exploited to traffic humans, weapons, narcotics, and even counterfeit or stolen goods. Fortunately, we have some technology solutions to end this crisis.  

Our Border Reconnaissance Program

Our reconnaissance program for the US Mexico border is designed with proven military technology to target and intercept illicit trafficking in humans, narcotics, weapons, and other vices on approach at any point along the terrain including underground tunnels and check points. Censors are designed to detect and distinguish between substances like powders that could be explosive, chemically manufactured drugs, or food. This program will detect the presence of humans where humans should not exist like cargo areas. It will alert authorities with the knowledge of what is being trafficked and the precise locations of events so intercepting teams will be prepared for any action. At least 2000 jobs will be created and the entire program cost is approx $1.6b. That’s less than one of the EU’s payments to Turkey for taking refugees from Europe.  



Intel stations along the US Mexico border will create a virtual wall that can see through even tunnels and mountains to rescue victims of human trafficking, block malicious cargo, and afford agents safer working conditions.   



Border agents know exactly what is waiting for them inside any vehicle entering into the country. Our program allows authorities to analyze and weigh substances from safe distances, so agents can prepare for what’s inside. 



 AI analysis can help agents identify signs of human trafficking and uncover the truth when making difficult decisions and flooded with groups, agents may process migrants more quickly.   

Our AI Solutions for Immigration

We can use AI technology to assist the immigration process at the earliest stages of the visa application procedure and especially upon entering the United States. With AI, interview responses can be measured and analyzed to meat out who is related to whom in a group in cases of child recycling and detect radicalized militants simply by asking questions. For migrants looking for career options in the land of opportunity, Our program may also help match people with the right immigration path for them and assist businesses and industries that require added talent. This unique system is designed to save lives in more ways than one by leading to the rescue of victims of human trafficking bolstering economies with the talents and skills needed to grow.  

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The Migration Crisis is Destabilizing Europe and the Schengen Province. 

Our Technology Solutions Will Help 

The EU is pouring billions of dollars into Turkey, Syria, and a number of African countries to prevent refugees from reaching their shores.  Still, the refugee crisis continues to grow and evolve. With countries like Hungary and the UK now looking to their own borders, we can help stabilize the security and economies of these countries where there is a political will to do so by customizing our program to their specific needs. 

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Causes of Migration


Migrants have fled Middle East countries primarily due to conflicts and the need for economic opportunities. Terror insurgents have also scattered looking to Asia and Africa as fertile recruiting grounds for Islamic militants. In Africa, this has added to the pre-existing conflicts there. Further causes include unemployment, population growth, and land grabbing particularly of farm lands by China. Most of the food produced in African countries is exported to China.



This is a practice that dates back to the Cold War and has evolved to include migrants. Iran, Afghanistan, and other countries primarily in the Middle East and Latin America are using porous borders to flood countries with drugs, refugees, and weapons to destabilize their enemies from within. Illicit trafficking is not just a matter of criminal organizations but also states. Complications also factor in. Afghanistan’s main income is from poppies used to manufacture heroin.

Vetting Migrants


In this atmosphere of confusion, government have found it difficult to sort out refugees from combatants among migrant communities. Securing borders and updating immigration procedure is one step in the right direction. However, another problem exists in making a decision about what to do with the known combatants that nation wants to keep especially in large numbers. Businesses won’t hire them, and local communities also reject them. Such is Idlib now.

The American Dream


The idea that all of these refugees want to make into the US or Europe and live out some paradise in a land of milk and honey opportunity is actually an obscene myth. Migrant communities even in refugee camps are being targeted by traffickers who exploit men, women, and children in modern slave trades forcing them to work for criminal networks for years at a time, engage in illegal sex trades, and are recruited by terrorist organizations. Many die in transit.

Our Border Technology Solution 

Intel Stations

Tried and true reconnaissance technology equipped with powerful censors. No satellites needed and no privacy breech.

Days of Installation

This project can be operational in less than 30 days with 2 major phases of construction and material standing by.

jobs created

At least 2000 jobs to fill each station spanning the border to keep watch 24 hours/day and 7 days/week.


An estimated $1.6b to save countless lives on both sides of the US Mexico border, the safest place in the world.

Help Defend Our Nation from Illicit Trafficking, Cartels, and  Violent Extremists

Trafficking in humans, weapons, narcotics, and stolen or counterfeit goods has blossomed into a  global competition made up of dangerous alliances among terrorist organizations and state sponsors of terrorism, cartels, and transnational organized crime. Not only do they possess their own transportation fleets, their intel networks and sophisticated technology have outpaced the means and methods used to protect our borders. Help us update our border security from trafficking threats.  

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