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Drones are used In Illicit Trafficking Operations 

Our Border Security Program is Designed to Confront the Drone Threat

Our border security program includes an Integrated Air Defense System (IADS) that also functions as an Integrated Border Security System designed to encompass Land, Air, and Sea. The communication network comprised within utilizes SIGINT from a range of sensors to improve the detection capabilities of unofficial drone flights, chemical and radiological threats, and enhances safety during inspections.  

Our Border Reconnaissance Program

Our patent-pending design offers new target acquisition capabilities, interoperability and connectivity, data processing, risk mitigation, and crisis management tools pertaining to threats on our borders while also improving US competitiveness in global trade.  The program supports US businesses by speeding up import-export services between the homeland and friendly trade partners oversees and adds strength to international trade agreements. 


Includes airport and seaport security

Airport and seaport facilities are an integral part of border security and require new systems such as drone traffic monitoring, assistance, and safety.      


Establishes superiority over mountainous and desert terrain

Border agents have expanded reconnaissance capabilities to improve response times for interdictions in challenging borderlands including new technologies in sonar and nanotechnology.


Monetized in part by faster safer import-export processing

Improvements for shipping logistics work to finance  new safety measures to secure transportation infrastructure and border security. 

Combatting the COVID-19 Threat

The threat of COVID-19 to national security including cross-border passenger and freight transportation require new tools to detect biological agents. With our new design of a breathalyzer device capable of detecting airborne viruses, harmful bacteria, and other dangerous pathogens, passenger travel can make a full economic recovery. To secure food and beverage production, we designed new packaging materials that can either change color or present a symbol when viruses and other contaminants are detected.   

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