Mike “Thomas Paine” Moore Exposes US Government Corruption with Secret Agreements with Iran and Saudi Arabia

Mike “Thomas Paine” Moore Exposes US Government Corruption with Secret Agreements with Iran and Saudi Arabia

Mike “Thomas Paine” Moore writes to expose Former CIA Director John Brennan among others in his book, Paine: How We Dismantled the FBI in Our Pajamas. The book available on Amazon provides an account of one cover up after another by George W. Bush, Barack Obama and the Clinton Cartel, and a long line of FBI and CIA directors and other entities working together in one of the longest running scandals in recent history.

Working as one cohesive team subverting party lines and international borders this crew is responsible according to Mike Moore for the ruin the many who have pushed for investigations into Iran’s hiding of Osama bin Laden in the Islamic Republic after 9/11. The words the writer uses to describe these efforts are conspiracy and treason also involving former elites in the Saudi Kingdom and Supreme Leader Khamenei in Iran as the leader of the infamous Committee of Nine, a criminal ring of international and state-sponsored terrorism.

Of those whose careers and families have been brutally sabotaged in the cover ups are GOP Congressman Curt Weldon, former FBI Director Louis Freeh under Bill Clinton, New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, former CIA Directors Porter Goss and Michael Hayden who is also a retired United States Air Force four-star general and former Director of the National Security Agency. Michael Hayden now a principal at the Chertoff Group and has authored two books on Intelligence called, The Assault on Intelligence: American National Security in an Age of Lies and Playing to the Edge: American Intelligence in the Age of Terror. Hayden recently criticized concessions on Iranian oil that were compromising the impact of sanctions.

Moore describes the detailed process of the FBI’s use of public raids and the media’s role to provide conveniently identical character assassinations in the press to destroy the reputations of those who tried to initiate the investigations on recovered intel for Osama bin Laden in Iran during both wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now, other documents published outside Mike Moore’s book detail the involvement of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the 9/11 attack, and other documents released over the years discuss Iran’s hosting of al-Qaeda members in Iran under so called, “house arrest.” This would also partly explain some of the motivation to silence current protests in Iran against the Islamic Republic and the ongoing information handling within compromised media of Iran related topics as news.

This evidence certainly fits together to provide a more detailed picture of the Iran-Saudi secret alliance to serve al-Qaeda, and Moore’s account runs through the nuclear agreement that was used to keep Iran quiet and paid off by the Obama administration and other participants fighting the keep the agreement in place. The media are described as generals of the deep state running planted stories to annihilate its opposition such as the recent spin on the nuclear deal. The writer confirms Jamal Khashoggi as an al-Qaeda operative whose cover was a Washington Post journalist.

The book also provides insiders’ accounts of the Benghazi betrayal directly naming the FBI Director at the time, Robert Mueller who is now investigated President Trump, FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, and Patrick Kennedy who worked under Hillary Clinton who were involved in grounding the rescue mission to save Ambassador Chris Stevens, Information Officer Sean Smith, and two CIA operatives, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods, both former Navy SEALs who died in 2012 that also led to the sabotage within just 2 months of the attack of CIA Director David Petraeus also a retired general who may have threatened to expose President Obama at the time.

For those keeping up with news on efforts to drain the DC swamp as well as events in Iran, Syria, Yemen, and Saudi Arabia, Mike Moore contributes valuable information to the effort of completing an accurate picture of recent history over the last several decades as a former FBI investigator himself with insider sources.

Sanctions on Iran Working Amidst International Panic

Sanctions on Iran Working Amidst International Panic

Sanctions on Iran are working. Iran’s government is showing signs of beginning to bleed out by flooding the market with liquidity and providing loans to people on the verge of default, mainly the middle class. However, this does not appear to lessen the level of dissent in Iran towards the establishment’s elite who continue to invest outside the country. Sanctions have gone into effect and Iran has been excluded from the SWIFT system.

For the Iranian mainstream, hope remains in regime change according to latest news and social conversation from Iranians who watched the midterm elections. Regime change advocates are waiting to see any foreign policy changes with most Iranians pushing for stronger pressure on the Islamic Republic as part of their longer embattled relationship with the regime over issues of equality, human rights, and economic opportunity spanning decades with or without sanctions.

The Statistical Center of Iran in September showed 5.4% inflation while the Central Bank reported 6.1% that month. The Central Bank and the issue of frozen assets still loom at the supreme court level. If the Central Bank wins it will be a major financial windfall, Peterson wins, it will set a new canon for other terrorism litigation claims and payouts involving multiple governments that have sponsored acts of terrorism in some way. Meanwhile the Revolutionary Guards’ speedboats continue their attempts to control the Gulf, but they do not have the power to sustain Iranian control of the waterway for long against western naval forces.

Panic Strikes International Players

This can all change in an instant. If Iran had a reliable legal and financial system, it would be an excellent trading partner and ally on its way to becoming a major superpower. But as it stands now, today is the anniversary of the 2015 Paris terrorist attacks and for CIA experts on Iran who joined Thomas Kaplan’s Counter Extremism Project (CEP) and United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) are engaged in their first meeting with Jean-Charles Brisard who was also Co-counsel, Chief investigator and expert on terrorism and terrorism financing for 9/11 Families class-actions for MOTLEY RICE LLC representing over 10,000 family member victims of 9/11 between 2002-2009.

Recently published testaments by Mike “Thomas Paine” Moore detail the hiding the of Osama bin Laden in Iran after 9/11 and conspiracy to continue the cover up through the secret nuclear agreement involving France, Germany, US, UK, Russia, China, and Iran. Mike Moore implicates former CIA director, John Brennan who initiated the Iran Mission Centre (IMC) and former presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama and presidential candidate Clinton. As panic continues within the conspiracy, Sessions has resigned and Robert Mueller also implicated by Moore has announced the coming of new indictments as Iran continues to threaten war in the Gulf if oil tankers are attacked. Russian Naval Forces prepare to hit Idlib in Syria after numerous violations to the ceasefire. The regional tension is rising once again. Hamas has opened fire on Israel with other Palestinian factions. Iran could become divided between conflicts in Israel and Syria from the Red Sea and Shipping in the Gulf.

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Midterm Election Abuse Looks like Bolshevism

Midterm Election Abuse Looks like Bolshevism

The Russians called it, “sabotage.” In communist Russia, saboteurs were executed in purges eliminating threats to their Soviet ideology and totalitarian way of life, and they were most fearful of saboteurs because of the means they themselves used to take control. The bombs recently intercepted to George Soros, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Brennan, and CNN represent the latest attack or act of sabotage on the midterm elections against a constitutionalist congress.

Hillary Clinton has said, “unless we get control back, there will be no civility.” This statement clearly defines this year’s midterms elections akin to Russia’s Bolshevik Revolution when despite national elections in early November of 1917 showing the Bolshevik party’s unpopularity, communist Bolsheviks proceeded with armed sailors closing the assembly hall locking delegates out until the Bolshevik dominated Third Congress of Soviets was confirmed.

The fake bomb threats provided to sabotage the GOP and midterm elections comes in a coordinated attack with the Federal Reserve’s repeated hikes in interest rates to sabotage the economy. The Federal Reserve is inching closer to a globalized monetary system that will have devastating effects on not only to the US but also to the many nations that depend on the strength of the dollar for their economic survival. For these developing countries, the even the slightest downturn in the US economy often has the impact of a full depression there.

Social Media Blowback Discrediting Mainstream Media for Bomb Scare and False Flags

AP is already retracting earlier statements about the bombs as the left experience blowback for this recent attempt to divisions in our communities. This is more like a political suicide bomb for the left following the aggressive caravan gesture to harass multiple sovereign borders, a move that will make migration for legitimate refugees and the asylum process longer and more costly. This is a sign of gross negligence, abuse of government resources, and a slap in the face to those suffering in the actual crisis of population displacement that is growing by the tens of millions as a result of instability Central America, Africa, and Syria.

The recent use of deceased voter identities is another act of sabotage worthy of global embarrassment for a country so unique in its equal opportunity as to attract life from every corner of the world. This is the kind of government behavior those choosing to immigrate flee from. Many are fearing a repeat of the Russian collusion of 2016 which was proven to be another form of international sabotage that has left the democratic party and foreign governments exposed to global public rebuke.  

The conflict has been described as a civil war between American constitutionalists and a globalist deep state with players on both sides of the democratic and republican parties. This conjures retrospective images of an international Constitutional Movement that happened in Japan, Iran, the Ottoman Empire, and eventually Russia, and China producing the mixed outcomes of democratic and communist societies of the last century. Japan’s victory over Tsarist Russia in the Russo-Japanese War (1904-1905) inspired a constitutionalist democratic Japan that in turn inspired a constitutionalist monarchy in Iran in 1906. Sadly, constitutionalism in Iran has been short-lived and dissent inside Iran continues to rattle the Islamic Republic today.

Constitutionalism was seen as the ultimate tool of modernism and development using the rule of law against tyranny and arbitrary rule. It was the foundation for industrial development, modern medicine, and innovation as a result of free thinking. Today, a quick look at the line-up of trials awaiting US Supreme Court decisions reveals the threat to constitutionalism in the United States. The Kavanaugh confirmation hearings discussed the possible use of military tribunals where acts of treason may have been committed. These trials will bring to light terrorism litigation involving countries like Iran and extrajudicial killing from governments like Sudan operating in the US in addition to the details of the 9/11 commission and the interpretation of the constitution on matters of theology, sexual identity, and speech. 

Bolshevik Violence to Achieve Globalism, Watch Out, Declassification

The Bolshevik take-over the Russia partly depended on the capture of the train system and the logistics that the those trains secured for the Red Army. In the US today, the capture of social media has become like those trains and embattled are social media companies like Facebook’s war room, marked by some in the media as the most influential platform globally. With these acts of sabotage on the election process combined and ongoing loss of life already suffered over the last 2 years on the president and Air Force One which was confronted with attacks like rogue missiles and the devastating affair in Las Vegas, it appears that this conflict is far from being a bloodless revolution.

The use of violence including Red Terror in Bolshevism was far from the dream of socialism in Russia and left the Russian people paralyzed to overcome the communist threat from 1921 all the way to 1991 when the Soviet system eventually collapsed. Inside the Soviet Empire, the gulag labor camps swelled until neighbor turned on neighbor and friend on friend and silence in the workplace or the home meant someone was listening. Children were taught from an early age how to answer questions from authorities about mommy and daddy, and fathers kept a packed suitcase by the door waiting for the day of his arrest. Americans are facing the ultimate threat to their sovereignty and individual liberties. For those questioning their place in the future, read the personal memoir by Nadezhda Mandelstam, Hope Against Hope and imagine this life encompassing a global scale.

The US government need only declassify documents. If released in time, these may give voters confidence in their decisions in the last days of the elections. Are we really going to repeat the histories of both Iran and Russia?

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Exploring Issues of Migration, Open Borders, and Trafficking

Exploring Issues of Migration, Open Borders, and Trafficking

Turning Crisis into Opportunity for Millions of Migrants Currently in International Flux

The 4,000 migrant caravans from Honduras in transit to the Mexico-US border point to two distinct problems that deserve immediate attention. One is the issue of open or closed borders. The other is what to do about the instability causing mass migration.

Multiple mass migrations movements as a result of war, violent crime, and corruption currently threaten the stability of many continents including the Americas, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East as millions flee their homes in search for safety and employment opportunities risking everything for a chance to live a better life. Currently Central America including countries Honduras, Africa particularly the countries across the Sahel and the Horn of Africa, and Syria in the Middle East are the biggest refugee crises currently demanding coordinated solutions from multiple countries.

Coordination by not only the superpower destinations for millions of migrants but also the local governments within the regions of which migration is occurring is also needed across Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East because together they make up global trafficking routes which are growing in arms, narcotics, human slaves, and other commodities being traded between criminal organizations. These include both cartels and terrorist organizations active on these global trade routes perpetuating state-level corruption, violent crime, and black market industries.  

Job Stimulus From Manufacturing and Development Could Promote Domestic and International Prosperity with Stability

This requires the US, Mexico, Canada, and Europe to create a 3 prong strategy-  a migration policy to provide safety and economic opportunity for incoming migrants; a foreign policy of development that can be implemented in host countries; and last a global security strategy that serves to protect individuals inside these countries while combating ongoing threat.

Although the recent caravan of 4,000 migrants allegedly organized by for former Honduran legislator and member of the radical leftist Libre party for political gains in the US midterm elections, these individuals and millions more may present an opportunity both timely and unique. Manufacturing and infrastructure development can be a positive draw for millions of migrants to areas of safety and economic opportunity if the new trade agreement between the US, Mexico, and Canada the North American Trade Agreement and development agendas in allied countries could be coordinated with ongoing response to migration. The employment process could also be utilized for vetting as well as training and international placement. The same model can be applied in fact to Europe, Africa, and the Middle East as ongoing African conflicts and renewed fighting in Syria continue to displace innocent people as well as flush out combatants.

AID in the form of housing, food, medicine and other amenities could be shared with employer responsibilities applied towards job sites for construction and development as temporary relief while local communities are being built or to supplement urban growth around those enterprises. Ultimately the migration crises could be used to promote economic growth across superpowers and developing allied countries enabling the teaming up of employers, managers, and labor.

This is also timely with congressional reform about to take shape on AID programming in which development financing and AID may be rolled up and consolidated under fewer government agencies working internationally.

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Iran’s Heroin Manufacture Coincides with Legalization of Drug Use in Europe, Canada, the US

Iran’s Heroin Manufacture Coincides with Legalization of Drug Use in Europe, Canada, the US

Are Safe Injections of Heroin Funding the Taliban and the IRGC?

Narcoterrorism is designed to weaken states internally using soft war tactics. Opium killed 64,000 Americans in 2016. Afghanistan is one of the largest producers of opium narcotics with the opium trade representing about 80% of the Afghan economy, and the IRGC in partnership with the Taliban are manufacturing heroin in Iran with key destinations in Europe, Canada, and the US. These substances are also emerging from the Iran-Turkey border according to recent news.

Exploiting NGOs authorized to distribute clean needles and administer safe injections in places like Vancouver and Philadelphia, the legalization or liberalization of narcotics may becoming simply another way to fund terrorism and state level crime. The opium epidemic began in the US with pharmaceuticals in the 1990s and now NGOs are being granted rights and provided funding to distribute legalized narcotics in the form of clean needles and safe injections to addicts. This completes the mapping of narcoterrorism for some states like Iran and militant groups like the Taliban.  

“Next year the city will permit an NGO to provide a place for drug users to go and inject themselves with potentially lethal drugs,” reported the Economist.

By supplying countries like China, Guatemala, Venezuela, and Mexico that in turn supply the US through pharmaceutical companies and NGOs and the US directly, border solutions would have to take place along with other legislative actions directed at those industries and enforcement measures checking supply lines in order to shut down the opium epidemic in the US. Narcoterrorism has already had devastating effects on the destabilization of Europe with more and more borders being closed and immigration processes challenged. This in turn traps refugees in the asylum process and geographic areas of increasing danger. So, the liberalization of drug use in the west coincides with increased supply by the IRGC sometimes referred to as the Sepah mafia, Taliban, and others.

“Iran’s security agencies is not aimed at eradicating drug trade production and consumption; it is used to ruthlessly eliminate competing actors in the drug business,” says, Paulo Casaca and Siegfried O. Wolf in Waging Jihad by Other Means Iran’s Drug Business and its Role within the International Crime-Terror Nexus

“Missing-person posters hung from storefront windows. The dealers were all out in the open, calling out brand names, even handing out free samples,” from Kensington in Philadelphia.

Africa, as demonstrated in an earlier blog, is an important trafficking continent with systematic attacks coordinated across countries by different networks over time to create an arc of instability in which illicit trafficking is made easier. Somalia is an important country on that arc connecting the Middle East to the African continent. Iran has been awarding $150m annually to the Somali terrorist organization, al-Shabaab. The primary objects of trafficking are not only narcotics, but also weapons, humans, and counterfeit material. The IRGC is the military arm of Iran and key instrument to maintain Iranian interests in Africa and Latin America. Iran’s Heroin exports coincide with legalization of drug use in Europe, Canada, the US.

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UN Orders US to Remove Sanctions on Iran

UN Orders US to Remove Sanctions on Iran

Amidst New Allegations of Secret Nuclear Sites, Iran prepares for Sanctions to Hit

The US government has ended the Treaty of Amity with Iran in order to neutralize the UN threat in its recent decision to uphold Iran’s claim at the ICJ as the US prepares to continue with its November 4th sanctions. The Trump administration is also going after the IAEA, International Atomic Energy Association, to hold Iran accountable for what could be secret nuclear sites suspected by Israeli intelligence. However, the IAEA has little access to Iran’s sites by the terms of the nuclear accord. By the US president’s withdrawal of the nuclear agreement, he is able to call for a new investigation. This will likely include sites of the Iranian government located outside of Iran in allied countries. The results could lead to military interventions by the UN.

If Rouhani’s presidency can be compared to a period of thaw in the Cold Warlike relationship with the US, then this time in Iran’s history may be seen as a collapse of the Islamic Republic similar to the USSR. The Soviet thaw from the gulag labor camps to Glasnost took decades to play out and the collapse itself was still a three year process from 1989 to 1991 for the Russian Federation. Russia is still rebuilding its Soviet sphere empire around the world. Though its being kept out of the western media, reports of continuing unrest inside Iran are still reaching Archival Institute. These reports suggest Iranians are holding onto hope in the near future that their circumstances will change for the better. Much of their hope lives in the strength of the Kurds to counter the IRGC and Basij forces under the absolute authority of Iran’s Supreme Leader, Khamenei. This is indicated for the common viewer on recent twitter campaigns with the hashtag, #IraniansWantRegimeChange.

The Islamic Republic on the other hand is holding out hope for the possibility that President Trump will be impeached and US policy shifted in favor the nuclear agreement in the coming US elections. This is a strenuous time both nations with much at stake on all sides. It is worth mentioning here that the full nuclear agreement still has not been declassified. If impeachment does take place, the US can expect stronger terms imposed by the US and Europe to maintain the secret terms negotiated and likely financial compensation to Iran including more cash payments and unfrozen assets to pay for Iran’s military build-up internationally.

United Nations Perpetuates the Iran-US Conflict Instead of Fostering Peace

More evidence of corruption and abuse in the United Nations with the International Court of Justice’s ruling for the US ease sanctions on Iran’s exports, and trade of medical, agricultural, and aviation equipment. However, Iran will not be paid damages by the US. This is a direct blow to activists inside Iran who rely on the international sanctions against the regime of the Islamic Republic for ongoing human rights violations and their efforts to hold their own government accountable for unconstitutional acts. Protests also accuse the government in Iran for financial corruption and disregard for international law. This will increase tension escalating the international conflict between Iran and its allies in Syria, Turkey, Pakistan, and others and the US.

The International Court’s decision comes at an interesting time when France recently announced it seized assets relating to Iran’s intelligence and espionage efforts indicating Iran’s commitment to international aggression towards Europe and perhaps interference in elections abroad even with a major win at the UN which has not deterred Iran’s belligerence. The mainstream media is still engaged more strongly than ever to save the nuclear accord with Iran in recent news relating to Kurdish elections and Saudi Arabia’s investment in Kurdistan. The Saudi government is in a race to build up their economy and diversify their industries and one way of doing so is to invest in fellow countries in the region. Iran has taken major offense to these recent achievements and may retaliate on its internal Kurdish minority as well as Kurdish and Saudi populations and investments in the region.

The ICJ upheld Iran’s claim that the 1955 Treaty of Amity had been violated by the sanctions a complete reversal of a previous decision regarding the 1987 case regarding the destruction of property which had been damaged during the Iran-Iraq War when the court ruled that the 1981 Algiers Accord resolving the taking of American hostages by Iran went against the spirit of the law for the early friendship agreement and did not apply to the new government of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The recent decision shows the UN court as arbitrary and weakens the political integrity of the institution that so many countries rely on for impartial support in matters of conflict resolution.

The Treaty of Amity was set up during the reign of the last shah of Iran, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi after Iran jointed the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty and began trading with the US. However, the relationship was substantially soured later by a nuclear missile program that the shah developed with the Israeli government in 1977, one of the first violations to Iran’s nuclear commitments. Operation Flower was an Iranian-Israeli program to develop nuclear missile capability in Iran as Iran’s military build-up was coming into full bloom. During the 1970s, the last shah had supported Iraqi Kurds push towards independence with military support. Now, several Kurdish groups are in engaged in limiting Iran’s power in the region in what has become a long and entrenched regional conflict.

The Iranian government supported by the mainstream media in the west has blamed the US sanctions for its ongoing economic mismanagement. In fact, the economic decline in Iran was stimulated just after the nuclear agreement was first signed in 2015 when prominent members of Iran’s establishment drained billions of dollars of its domestic economy. Now, Iranians inside the country are saying the government drained the country of its investment capital. Many members of Iran’s establishment took the opportunity to flee the country with their families and as much wealth as they could take with them. Since that time, the economic conditions have worsened putting the blame on international sanctions. However, Iran’s government has done nothing to reform its trade law to make it conducive to Foreign Direct Investment even with countries not participating in sanctions.

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