Monitor and Mitigate CBRN Threats

Real-time data transmission

for Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear (CBRN) Environments

New sensors and network solutions to secure transport systems for ground, sea, air, and space operations and critical infrastructure

Locate and Mitigate WMDs and Biological Threats

We combine new sensors with AI and 3D modeling software to provide a walk-through type experience of the CBRN environment. This process assists with detection and mitigation to improve overall safety of transportation systems, fixed locations where critical infrastructure exists, and targeted populations.

This method can be applied to ground, sea, air, and space operations and opens up pathways for new intelligence collection and affordable stand-off solutions. For improved management of the Surface Area of Attack in cyberspace, our AI development includes powerful integration with cyber platforms to increase situational awareness and distinguish between real and simulated attacks.

Background for the Problem Set

“The worldwide availability of advanced military and commercial technologies and information (including dual-use and emerging nontraditional threats), combined with commonly available transportation and delivery means, may allow adversaries opportunities to acquire, develop, and employ WMD or create a CBRN environment without regard for national or regional boundaries. Such situations could also expose US military operations to CBRN threats and hazards.” 

JP 3-11 Operations in Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Environments from 2018

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