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The War Zone and Child Refugees

Private boarding schools could provide an ideal sanctuary for some children caught in the combat zone. Others can be safely evacuated to safe areas for the duration of conflicts. Mobile clinics, shelters, and classrooms could save generations from being lost in conflicts. 


When a Child Picks up an RPG and Aims it at a Professional Soldier

The odds of children in combat are never good. Violent extremists target children in a variety of ways from holding combat positions in rebel militias to carrying out acts of terrorism. Vulnerable children including child refugees are also targeted for recruitment into criminal industries such as slave labor, trafficking, and sex trades. Refugee camps are often unsafe for children who may spend years in those areas waiting for governments to process their cases, and there are no educational opportunities available.

Removing children from hostile environments is an important step in de-radicalization and treatment for those who need it.    

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How It Would Work


Civil Military Operations (CMO)s could play an important role in extractions, evacuations, and other rescue missions to bring vulnerable children to designated safe locations during military conflicts.


Charitable institutions and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO)s could help provide shelter, treatment, and specialized education to transform a child’s circumstances of loss into life-changing opportunity. 



Some children are sent to live with family members in distant countries. But for many, this is not possible; parents need more international options to keep their children safe and family together.  In today’s conflicts, parents may even pay traffickers to funnel children out of danger only to endanger the child further. 


Local schools can become targets for attacks and convoys delivering supplies to schools can also be targeted by enemy forces. These locations do not necessarily guarantee a child’s safety when located in areas experiencing combat. Boarding schools or mobile educational facilities are safer.

Our Mission & Approach

While war itself can be unpredictable, its impact on a child is pretty consistent across human history. With strategic partnerships and the right planning, the fate of many young lives can be redetermined against the odds. Our goal is to transform the child’s circumstances from dire need to abundant life with safe spaces to live, learn, and grow even as their homes are being destroyed. This process could be days, weeks, or like the civil war in Syria, years. 

Once the area is secure or the conflict reaches resolution, the mission is to return children to their surviving homes and families or assist in finding a new permanent residence for those with no surviving relatives. Help us establish a new standard of living for children in combat zones. 

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