Content Contributors

Archival Institute offers its native platform to provide opportunities for international filmmakers, journalists, visual artists, and even game designers to submit media for consideration for international distribution. Users must register an account and sign-in before uploading files for consideration.

Films and Series

Archival’s native streaming platform is a welcoming place for international creative content. Filmmakers may submit films and series across multiple genres including both narrative and documentary forms for review. Content creators may generate revenue and audience participation for their creative media.

Currently, we are welcoming international filmmakers from countries in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Africa to the US and global markets. Archival Institute appreciates foreign languages and subtitles.


Archival Institute is committed to an ongoing effort to archive current events from around the world not making mainstream news. Writers, photographers, and videographers working internationally may submit non-politicized content for consideration to inform international communities about what’s going on in our world today from the most remote to the most conflicted geographic locations.

If you are witnessing incredible events unfolding in your neighborhood or are a traveling journalist, your stories may have a home and an audience here.

Historic Archives

Archival is currently collecting historic photographs, reels, and artistic images of historic merit from individuals around the world to be utilized in original history documentary projects.

If you have personal or family memorabilia such as photographs and videos of historical people and events, this material may help audiences learn about and enjoy these precious moments and the people who lived them.

Non-Video Artistic Media

Sometimes visual art can describe historical and cultural phenomena like no other form of media, and Archival Institute works with visual artists whose work has the potential to discuss historical events still impacting society.

Artwork utilized in film publications produces positive exposure for living artists and may increase the value of no longer living artist’s estates. Archival Institute recently digitized an entire photo collage series by artist, Kaveh Golestan dated from 1974.

Interactive Media

Archival Institute is currently producing its first adventure game for PC and Mobile devices and is also accepting submissions from third-party PC and mobile game designers.

Other interactive media including projects using augmented and virtual reality and 3D animation having a history association or cultural value may also be submitted for review, distribution, and revenue share.