Counterterrorism Training for US Companies Working Overseas

Military demobilization of foreign countries post conflict resolution can be a scary time for private companies with continuing operations on the ground when the political climate could turn in an instant. By incorporating security practices and counterterrorism training into the assistance provided to private companies working overseas in war-torn regions, Archival Institute is helping private companies operate in continued safety after much of the troops are called home. These training programs are also included in Archival Institute’s Private Sector Engagements with private companies designed to keep personnel and resources safe from a range of local threats. Combined with threat and risk assessment, companies can also use these services to lower liability and improve the performance of their international operations.

According to Hostage US, 200 Americans are taken hostage overseas each year.


Learn how to reduce your chances of being unlawfully detained by hostile forces at home or abroad and the techniques necessary to avoid being taken hostage.


Acquire the skills needed to identify, evade, and counter anyone conducting surveillance on you by utilizing tried and true methods such as TEDD method, among others.

Hostage Prevention

Learn the essential elements of using the environment, cover, and concealment to your advantage by using techniques such as the “Gray Man” method to blend into your surroundings.


Learn what and how to prioritize self-care and movement in a hostile non-permissive state of detention.


Knowing what not to say, what to say, and how to say it can save your life when being interrogated. Learn the skills needed to become impervious to most interrogation techniques.

Torture Survival

Possibly the most crucial block on instruction: Torture survival will teach you the theories you need to survive from one moment to the next when tortured.

Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape (SERE)

Learn to avoid providing actionable intelligence to captors and avoid exploitation while working in positions of high risk of capture.

Anatomy of an Effective Escape

Learn and apply the most essential skills: Speed, Surprise, and Violence of Action to escape your hostage takers, while doing so undetected and unharmed.

Active Shooter Response

With only split seconds to react, what you do at the onset of an active-shooter situation will determine whether you will live or die. Our 6-step method developed by the Special Operations community and law enforcement can be custom-tailored to fit your operational needs and environment with one single goal in mind- to save lives.