Rising Above COVID-19 

a new breathalyzer test and food packaging equipment can assist with economic recovery.  

Breathalyzer Test

Food and Beverage

THreat mitigation

Archival Institute’s Patent pending Virus Detection solution offers new testing devices and equipment.

Our Breathalyzer Device Tests for Airborne Viruses, Bacteria, and Other Pathogens 

In an effort to bring back travel, hospitality, and many other industries impacted by COVID-19, we designed a breathalyzer test device that can generate quick on-site results. To provide a safe and non-invasive method, we used biosensors with nanocantilevers coated with antibodies to test for airborne virus particles.   


  • Passenger Travel
  • Hospitality
  • Food and Beverage
  • Agriculture
  • Horticulture
  • Animal Feed
  • Healthcare

Partner with US

Partner with US

Designed to secure food supply Chains, new packaging indicates food safety.

Testing for Viruses in Food and Beverage Production and Packaging

Our new packaging designs combine biosensors that can test liquids, solids, and gases with chromogenic media that can change color or present a sign to indicate the safety of a product. By incorporating this material in food and beverage production including animal feeds, pet foods, pharmaceuticals, and other products, businesses and consumers can avoid contaminated substances, mitigate risk, and contain the spread of viruses, harmful bacteria, and dangerous pathogens.   

We also included additional testing tools for larger food and beverage processing facilities such as measuring frequencies that can be incorporated into existing assembly lines with minimal disruption to production.   


Noninvasive solutions are an important investment in public safety.

Mitigating Future Pandemics

Keeping up with viral mutations requires agility in testing equipment.  Our breathalyzer device is designed to disassemble so that mouthpieces and bio sensors can be changed out quickly and efficiently. This time-saving and cost-saving investment allows the device to be utilized with new biosensors as new mutations occur, new diseases present, or seasonal attacks. Our breathalyzer design uses a microscopic camera and AI technology for medical diagnostics that can also be utilized to look out for new threats, assist with tracking programs, and mitigate future outbreaks. For the food and beverage industries, test results are tagged onto existing inventory tracking systems for cost-effectiveness and efficiency. We are dedicated to improving resilience in our healthcare systems and our economy as new biological threats arise.  


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