Countering Drone Swarms

New Devices and Network to Detect and mitigate unofficial drone flights

Programmable attack scenarios with predictive analysis to increase Autonomy.

cUAS Technology

Our cUAS technology is based on the Navy’s sonar buoy nets used to detect nuclear submarines. Our counter-drone network targets and mitigates drone swarms in rural, desert, and mountainous terrains. 

Each device houses a variety of sensors and optics to detect moving objects in low altitude airspace and on the ground. We build the AI with Human-in-the-Loop decision making and autonomous modes to engage using multiple weapons systems.

Uses a combination of low-tech and high-tech gear to target the entire swarm in a single attack. Prevents drones from relinking until grounded. Heavily integrated with cyber command.

Target Acquisition Data for the Entire Swarm

Engagement with Swarms as Part of the Internet of Drones (IoD)

“IoD is an integral part of the future Internet, which may be used for next-generation applications like smart tracking, smart parking, air traffic control, and cellular networks. The recent development in the communications network and drone applications has attracted the researchers and market for the advancement of IoD.”

Internet of Drones (IoD): Threats, Vulnerability, and Security Perspectives

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