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Universities and colleges in the U.S. are accepting money from state sponsors of terrorism.

Stop Grant Funding to Terror-Affiliated Schools

Universities such as Harvard and Texas A&M are accepting payments from governments such as Iran, Qatar, and other state sponsors of terrorism while also continuing to harvest billions of dollars in government grants. We are working with members of congress to formulate new policy to restrict grant funding to schools that maintain affiliations directly or indirectly with terrorist organizations and state-sponsors of terrorism. 

Another foreign threat to our universities comes in the form of student organizations, think tanks, and research projects that have subversive agendas supported by governments such China’s Confucius Centers responsible for pirating technology and medical research to the Chinese government and promoting state propaganda.


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Americans are being outpaced in math,  science, and foreign language skills causing universities to recruit foreign students and employers to hire foreign workers.   

Improving International Competitiveness in K-12 Education

Compared to some Asian countries like Singapore, the American education system has fallen behind in key areas needed to maintain our economy. Universities have responded to the education crisis by welcoming more foreign students into their programs in order to maintain standards. Employers have responded by hiring foreign workers. The danger for the American economy is that as developing countries advance, those jobs could ultimately migrate to those foreign markets. This is already the case with some areas of technology and countries like India. 

This program is designed to help schools, parents, and other education based organizations improve math, science, and foreign language skills needed to keep pace with competitive job markets internationally, ensure the longevity of certain industries, and build the kind of education backgrounds needed for the future.   

Public schools are bearing the brunt of most education challenges, but they are not the only establishments out there.

Build Strategic Alliances in Education 

Museums, historical preservation sites, and cultural education centers are often left out of the discussion when it comes to education reform in the public school system. Problems are being discovered in magnate schools, and vocational learning remains a critical need for certain types of job training. This project looks at strategic partnerships between schools and other educational facilities like museums, historical preservation sites, even summer camps, and others to find solutions to our ongoing education problems.

Many museums in the U.S. and throughout Europe are struggling to maintain their facilities, perform important conservation work, and grow permanent collections. Their engagement with schools can become limited to the occasional visit by classes through exhibitions. In the search for more classroom space, teachers, and educational tools, these institutions could become a greater part of a child’s landscape and alleviate some challenges to schools while also helping museums and others build engagement, perform conservation, grow collections, increase donor support, and family participation. 

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