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Our energy initiative supports growth across energy sectors, the construction of new power grids using superconducting technology, improved import-export capacity, and international energy development to strengthen allies.   

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Power outages are increasing across the United States and many of our allies need energy development overseas.

Challenging the Green New Deal

The Green New Deal will not increase the energy production of US power grids. Power outages cost an estimated $10b in losses every year. The demand for energy continues to rise the US and allied countries. As the population increases and industries grow the disparity between production and demand will subject Americans to the same energy rationing that plague developing countries. This situation demands the construction of new grid networks that will bring investment to each energy sector including both fossil fuels and sustainable design. The US electric grid is neither a cultural artifact nor a world heritage, so let’s get busy replacing it.

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The U.S. is under utilizing gas-to-electric technology that could provide energy.

Building New Power Grids

The U.S. government has poured enormous resources into research and technology development such as superconductivity and other energy efficient materials. These products are now becoming more affordable. New grid networks using more energy efficient technology will decrease losses in both the transmission and storage of electricity. Our initiative aims to use both oil and gas such as gas-to-electric power facilities and green technology like wind turbines to meet the coming demand for electricity. This will stimulate growth across all energy sectors. Building additional facilities with our allies will lead to further growth and deeper friendships. This will enable us to address global climate issues from a position of economic strength and solidarity.

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16 African countries have nuclear programs.

Curbing Nuclear Proliferation

Among the unintended consequences of the Green New Deal is the acceleration of Africa’s nuclear proliferation which has already begun in partnerships with Russian and Chinese governments. Russia has the lion’s share of nuclear agreements with African countries to build nuclear facilities in exchange for those government’s permission to extract mining material, oil, and gas. According to US Army studies, the majority of mining minerals in Russia with the exception of oil and gas will be depleted in less than 5 years. This means the Russian government will put maximum effort in developing its international allies including the increased selling of its nuclear technology and weapons to countries of the Middle East and Africa regardless of instability. Russia has obtained rights to much of the uranium mining in Africa.  

Life-saving training such as active-shooter response and what to do to avoid being kidnapped, captured, or illegally detained while working overseas jobs.

Utilize threat analysis to work around threats to international projects and protect investments including both personnel and property to ensure success and safety.

Understand investment and security risks associated with global development opportunities and make adjustments to lower risks.

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Conservation from a position of economic strength

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