Building a New Energy Grid 

superconducting technology 

Our energy initiative promotes the construction of new power grid throughout the US using superconducting technology and supports growth across energy sectors.

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Power outages are increasing across the United States and many of our allies need energy development overseas.

Super-Grid Technology Solution

New grid networks using superconducting technology could reduce losses in both storage and transmission. Our initiative provides a way to jumpstart the finance and construction of new electric grid systems in growing middle-weight cities where both jobs and energy demands are increasing. This reduces the worsening strain on existing overburdened grid lines currently producing a stream of power outages.

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THis will take utilizing both petroleum and renewable industries to meet growing challenges for energy demands at home and abroad.

Energy Efficiency Relies on Efficient Business Planning

New grid architectures rely on both petroleum based solutions such as clean gas-to-electric conversions and renewable solutions such as waste-to-electric conversions to utilize existing opportunities afforded by the current landscape by matching the energy converting solution to the attributes of the existing environment.

This means gas-to-electric energy plants where gas is available and waste-to-electric energy where large landfills have become a problem for both growing communities and the environment. The initiative also saves costs by bundling the development of grid infrastructure with the construction of new transportation systems such as high-speed rail networks connecting regional cities. It also provides ways to introduce new energy producers in order for energy companies to shed some of their development costs and enables those new producers including farmers, ranchers, real-estate developers, and others to supplement urgently needed income.

By interweaving both energy and transportation systems, this grid initiative has the added potential to directly improve each nation’s import-export capacity where implemented by directly meeting energy and transportation needed across import and export commodities.

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16 African countries have nuclear programs.

Curbing Nuclear Proliferation

The removal of US participation in global oil and gas industries as outlined in the Green New Deal may lead to the acceleration of Africa’s nuclear proliferation. African countries that have growing nuclear programs in partnership with Russia and China are supported by oil and gas production. Increasing sales for oil and gas from these countries will likely increase mining and nuclear enrichment activities in African countries and beyond.  

Life-saving training such as active-shooter response and what to do to avoid being kidnapped, captured, or illegally detained while working overseas jobs.

Utilize threat analysis to work around threats to international projects and protect investments including both personnel and property to ensure success and safety.

Understand investment and security risks associated with global development opportunities and make adjustments to lower risks.

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Conservation from a position of economic strength

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