Rise Above with the Power of Water 


Mobile Solutions for Water Treatment

Our UUV designed for mobile water treatment makes it possible to restore contaminated wells, rivers, and oceans.

It’s not always feasible to pump water to fixed treatment facilities.

Mobile Water Treatment is Needed

Our Underwater Utility Vehicle (UUV) for water treatment can be utilized to restore commercial fishing stocks and marine ecosystems; mitigate biothreats such as invasive species;  perform waste management to off-set pollution; and provide clean water to farms, ranches, and other industries.

Different sized UUV devices can squeeze into contaminated wells or scale up to ocean going fleets to conduct large scale ocean clean-up operations. 

Sensors and Networks

Our remote sensors and networks provide affordable standoff methods to detect threat agents and new mitigation tools to improve response capabilities.

Environmental Technology

Mobile water treatment solution combines Underwater Utility Vehicle (UUV) design with new water filtration methods to restore contaminated wells, river networks, and oceans.



Application provides new credit and lending tools to fund infrastructure, facilitate cross-development, and promote economic diversification between developed and underdeveloped countries.

Data Analytics

Data-mining algorithm to track Influence Operations targeting manufacturing sectors in international trade wars. 

CBRN Solution

New sensors and network to detect and map Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear (CBRN) threats in real-time.


Early Warning Detection System for Biothreats combines new biosensor with diagnostics and alert messaging to improve health and safety for crops, livestock, and people.

counter UAS

New devices and network to detect and mitigate drone threats in rural, desert, and mountainous terrains.

Border Security

Integrated Border Security System encompassing Air, Land, and Sea to improve  coverage.

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