Transforming Crisis into Benefit 

stimulating job growth 

Matching technology will help companies mine for eligible talent faster and more efficiently while diversifying talent.  


border Security

humanitarian Relief

U.S. companies target foreign workers to fill specific jobs.

Our Immigration AI Can Match Migrants with Jobs

Interview technology incorporated into the immigration process can help speed up application processes and match foreign workers with economic opportunities in multiple countries. This AI can be incorporated into any port of entry including border checkpoints and airports to help agents process large groups and analyze data in critical situations to stop the flow of human trafficking and other crime using immigration systems. 


  • Technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Agriculture
  • Healthcare
  • Construction
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality

Partner with US

Partner with US

The exploitation of porous borders by terrorist organizations must be stopped.

Vetting Technology Solutions

Our vetting system targets traffickers, terrorists and ex-combatants, and provides data that can lead to the break up of global trafficking operations that utilize legal entry. With only a small percentage of migrants and travelers being weaponized, this group can still inflict mass casualty attacks on multiple countries. This technology will allow authorities to focus vital resources on combatting threat more efficiently while processing large numbers of migrants through customs and border security.

Life-saving training such as active-shooter response and what to do to avoid being kidnapped, captured, or illegally detained while working overseas jobs.

Utilize threat analysis to work around threats to international projects and protect investments including both personnel and property to ensure success and safety.

Understand investment and security risks associated with global development opportunities and make adjustments to lower risks.

The U.S. is turning dead aid into smart aid.

Humanitarian Crisis Causes

The process of granting asylum to a European country or to the United States only treats a small number of symptoms while continuing to allow the roots of the migration to grow and the numbers of displaced people around the world to increase. Conflict and instability in the Middle East, Africa, and among some Asian and Latin American countries only present part of the picture. Other contributing factors to global migration are population growth relative to opportunities for education and employment, food and water shortages, aggressive land grabbing, corruption, and lack of development.

Many migrants have ended up in “slum” cities, but slum cities are also migrating to western countries where amenities cannot be found or produced. This means we have to treat the problem at multiple ends including in the stabilizing of war-torn regions and failed states, the development of natural resources and infrastructure in stable areas, and updates to our border and immigration processes to keep up the latest trends in both areas of crime and humanitarian concerns.    


Child Refugees

From combat zones to boarding school safe Havens

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