Kasaei Aria


Aria Kasaei is the Art Director of both Studio Kargah and Azad Art Gallery. With his colleague, Peyman Pourhosein, Kasaie creates compositions that combine Persian and Latin script, while pushing the boundaries of abstractions.

Kasaie’s pioneering work has not only been exhibited internationally but he has also curated international graphic design exhibitions, such as Azad Art Gallery’s ‘Graphic Design Project’ in 2009 and ‘Posters from Iran’ in Copenhagen in 2011. He is also an active contributor to the Dabireh Collective and the bi-weekly Tandis magazine publication.

In the Chaos

What we saw in the chaos. All this together. We know we live together and we have a lot of problems here yet everything goes on, life goes on. Like a lot of problems within the system, but it works wonders, it rotates. So I shun the works of perfectionism. When I try to put something like that, sometimes I use a word, I’ll attempt to baseline. Some characters are a little high and some letters are slightly lower. I’m just avoiding a complete picture, which I think is close to both the city and is close to the fabric of the city. I can still read well, but sometimes misspelled, we were missing some letters of the things. The space that we live now, I am now more in Tehran, a form of order and disorder are together that they work together, they move together.


A Hole in the 1960s and 1970s

After the revolution, people did not want to talk about what had happened before the revolution. To this date, there is a hole in the 1960s and 1970s. We had a great experience, but our generation is unaware of it. So we try to collect these things. Graphics as an art work, and a series of information and documents them together like a puzzle that we are good and we have some of the parts and some parts do not. We can see the whole picture and it should be part of our history, we find in the voids. The history behind us, and if you do not know anything about the history of this means that we must continue to repeat it, but you do not repeat it here. No, we did the same thing 40 years ago. We had nothing in common continuation of the revolution stopped. We do not know what happened then, so we’re trying to get something from that period and put together.