Alaei Arash

Arash Alaei is the Clinical Associate Professor in the Department of Health Policy, Management and Behavior at the University of Albany. He also serves as the associate director for both the Global Institute for Health and Human Rights and the International Academic Program. Alaie has worked on issues related to health and human rights for more than a decade, with a special focus on HIV/AIDS patients and injecting drug users. He was working in the “Triangular Clinic” for three target groups: drug users, HIV patients, and STD cases in Iran. This model was documented by the World Health Organization/ EMRO as a “Best Practice Model”.

Alaie earned his MD degree at the Isfahan University of Medical Sciences (MD) following a medical internship at the Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences. Selected publications include: Alaei A; Alaei K. Health Diplomacy, a case study: An AIDS Prevention and Treatment Initiative in the Middle East. Global Health and Diplomacy. Sept. 2012 p 40-43; and Alaei K; Alaei A. HIV/AIDS and Addiction in Iran: From a long time denial to breaking the silence. Epidemic Proportions. Jan.2007.