Kiann Nima

Nima Kiann is the Founder and Artistic Director of Les Ballets Persans. Kiann’s concept and vision for establishing an international Persian ballet ensemble, inspired by the cultural and artistic heritage of Iran, premiered in 1998 and had an international impact. A few years later, his visionary and laudable determination resulted in the recreation and revival of the former Iranian National Ballet and Les Ballet Persans was established. The organization has become a representative cultural institution for the Middle Eastern art form of ballet in Europe.

Kiann received his dance education at the Gothenburg Ballet Academy in Sweden and at the École supérieure de danse de Cannes Rosella Hightower in France. As a cultural administrator, Kiann has been internationally consulting various cultural, peace, and integration organizations such as the International Peace Culture Festival, Biennial Arts and Culture Festival of Tirgan, and Peace Quest International.

National Iranian Ballet

The two key people who made the great contribution to found the Iranian National Ballet and before that, the National Academy of Ballet in Tehran, were Nejad and Haideh Ahmadzedah. After their experience of, of working with Nilla Cram Cook, they intended to create a professional ballet company in which the great works of classical and contemporary ballet would be performed and which later would be able to produce ballets which were inspired of the Iranian culture and history and civilization.


Roudaki Hall

Opera singers, great ballet dancers, known ballet companies, conductors came to Iran to take part of the ceremony but also–. Among those artists who visited Iran to perform in Roudaki hall during that time were Margot Fonteyn and–Among those artists that visited Iran for the inauguration of Roudaki Hall were Rudolf Nureyev and Margot Fonteyn, who performed in Swan Lake. …William Dollar was the first ballet master and choreographer who was invited to Iran to work with the ballet academy and later on even with the Iranian National Ballet. And he introduced a new method of training of dancers… He can be considered as the one who organized the new pedagogical method of ballet training in Iran.


Sleeping Beauty

What really happens in the ballet of the Sleeping Beauty is that a princess falls into a sleep to be waked up many years later by–through a kiss of a prince. The staging of Sleeping Beauty in October 1978 marks also falling of the Iranian National Ballet into a deep and nervous sleep to wake up 23 years later in exile. … The history of ballet in Iran is not terminated. It’s great to witness so many developments, aspects of the society, but also in terms of arts and dance. It doesn’t come natural. Of course dancing has a potential. Dancing is a global language which is able to express itself with all the new words. It has an ability to create a kind of conversation between different nations and countries.