OUR INSPIRATIONS | Parviz Tanavoli

Tanavoli Parviz

Parviz Tanavoli is a critically acclaimed artist who is widely acknowledged as the “father of modern Iranian sculpture”. Based in Tehran and Vancouver, Tanavoli was a leading influence among a generation defined by its commitment to artistic practices that are both modern and distinctly Iranian. Over many decades, he has refined a complex system of symbols and motifs into a distinctive visual lexicon, fusing Persian traditions with pop sensibility. His work entwines profound sensitivity to language, formal clarity, and conceptual engagement into a forcefully original artistic practice.

Tanavoli has written many publications, dating back over three decades. Selected publications include: The Afshars (in press); Gabbeh: Art Underfoot (2004); Tribal and Rustic Weaves from Varamin (2003); Persian Flat-Weaves (2002); Horse and Camel Trappings from Tribal Iran (1998); Sofreh of Kamo (1996); Kings, Heroes and Lovers (1994); and Shahsavan: Iranian Rugs and Textiles (1985).