Iran: The Third Path

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Season 1 focuses on democratic social movements in Iran, the evolution of political and militant Islam, economic struggle, and relations with superpowers throughout the events of the Constitutional Revolution of 1906, World War 1, and World War II.

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Sunrise of Justice

Episode One: Sunrise of Justice

The brutal punishment of an elderly merchant awakens constitutionalists to rise up and change the fate of Iran irrevocably.

Iran: The Third Path Ep 2

Episode Two: Wars, Coups, Thieves, and a Bean

An American mission threatens foreign powers in Iran until world war and famine defile the region, and tribes confront a powerful new ruler.

Iran: The Third Path Ep. 3

Episode Three: In the Shackles of Life

Society undergoes civilizing reforms amidst the curious cases of missing dogs, deputies, and communists.

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