Path to Freedom #MakeIranGreatAgain

Archival Institute created Path to Freedom #MakeIranGreatAgain as a way to pay tribute and recognize the protestors in Iran who want the Islamic Regime overthrown and a new government instated. Starting with the protests that started it all in December 2017 and January 2018, through the origins of the Islamic Regime, the Green Movement, and ending with testimony and video of those that have participated this short film is a moving tribute to the victims of the Iranian government. Protestors are using social media to spread their message and organize opposition movements, these social media campaigns have sparked protest across the world showing support for Iranian protestors and in an effort to increase media attention to the issues facing Iranian people. Hashtags like #MakeIranGreatAgain, #IranRegimeChange, #IslamicRegimeMustGo, and #FreeIran2018 are just a few tags used to follow along with the protests. Footage has surfaced showing women unveiling and dancing in the streets of Tehran highlighting their fight for women’s rights, others film shows government brutality against dissenters, and yet more shows a people desperate for the world to see a country that wants change. If you are interested in following along with the movement follow our hashtag #ThePathtoFreedom, in addition, you can check out more of Archival Institute’s content on Amazon to learn about Iran and its history.

Theatrical Trailer


Introducing Archival Institute

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