Persian Voices: Fever of High Prices and Hoarding

The problems of political and social life were reaching city squares and factories. In the civil service and the university, the young were becoming increasingly agitated. Adventures of various brands were busily enlisting the simple-minded to their own cause. The bazaar was gripped by the fever of high prices and hoarding. Everything was beyond reach—sugar, cloth, medicine, tires, rice, etc.—and everything was being greedily bought and sold. Every commodity … was being exchanged ten or twenty times a day, profit was added to profit, misery to misery. Typhus and inedible bread… were two prevailing calamities, and rationing coupons the foundation stone of windfall riches.

—A Noted Writer


Azimi, Fakhreeddin. (2008). QUEST FOR DEMOCRACY IN IRAN C: a century of struggle against authoritarian rule. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, p.122.

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The first installment of the series Iran: The Third Path focuses on democratic social movements in Iran, the evolution of political and militant Islam, economic struggle, and relations with superpowers throughout the events of the Constitutional Revolution of 1906, World War 1, and World War II.

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