Persian Voices: Joy and Pleasure

There was an assemblage of spectators, and a crowd, beyond all limits, There were the armor-wearing English household cavalry; there was the Nawab the Heir-Apparent of England, known, as the Prince of Wales; and the whole of the ministry of the notables, and of the nobles, were present. We alighted.

I, the heir-Apparent, the grand Vazier, and Lord Morley,-the Lord-in-waiting upon us, took our seats in an open carriage, and drove off.

Both sides of the road, the roofs, and upper stories of the house, were full of women, men, and children, who exhibited much joy and pleasure by shouting hurrahs, by waving handkerchiefs, by clapping hands. It was a surprising turmoil.

I saluted with head and hands. The crowd of spectators was never-ending.

—Naser al-Din Shah, 1873


Afshin, Marashi.Nationalizing Iran: Culture, Power, and the State, Afshin Marashi. Print. Page 24


Editor’s Note: Having crossed the channel from Belgium in 1873, Naser al Din Shah arrived at Charing Cross rail station in central London.