Persian Voices: Holy War

25 December 1891

Placards were put up in the bazaar threatening that unless the [tobacco] concessions were withdrawn a holy war would be declared after two days.


Nazem al Eslam Kermani, author of Tarikh-e Bidari vol.1, p.49.

Friday 4 Dey 1270, 25 December 1891, 23 Jumada I-Ula 1309.

Hooshang, Amirahmadi. (2012). The Political Economy of Iran Under the Qajars: Society, Politics, Economy and Foreign Relations 1799 to 1921. London: I.B. Tauris. Print, p.206.


Editor’s Note: During Iran’s tobacco boycott, while the ulema, Islamic clergy, were negotiating with the government, the people of Tehran were trying to prevent them from reaching an agreement by disrupting the affairs on December 1891. This jihad was issued in the name of Shirazi, and people prepared to fight, gathered arms, and provisions, and said goodbye to their families.