Persian Voices: Break Down the Walls

Where are we?

In the prison of injustice

What must be done?

We must break down the walls of this prison.


With what power?

With the power of humanity.


What is the basis of the power of humanity?

The power of humanity rests on the basis of those truths that the Prophets have placed in the repository of universal knowledge.


Where is that repository of knowledge?

In the noble Sharia of Islam.

—Malkum Khan


Sajo Andras (2004). Human Rights with Modesty. Balaghi, Shiva, Chapter 14, Constitutional and Islamic law in Nineteenth-Century Iran: Mirza Malkum Khan and Qanun. Leiden: M. Nijhoff Publishers, p.327.


Editor’s Note: Malkum Khan was among the first Iranians to articulate a notion of parliamentary government in Iran. His views were central to the emerging revolutionary fervor that resulted in the Constitutional Revolution called, Mashruteh, in Persian.