Persian Voices: Ali Akbar Dehkhoda

The total and ultimate authority of the guardian (vali) over the possessions and deeds of the minor are valid whilst the child has not reached a mature age. But when [the child] reaches that stage, as the immutable laws of the world and the firm commands of the religions attest, these rights (ekhtiyarat) revert to the one who has matured. This is such a natural matter that not even the most conniving minister, the most powerful and valiant warrior, or the most magnificent and forceful king cannot prevent it from happening.

—Treatise, Ali Akbar Dehkhoda, 1907-1908


An Iranian Modernist Project: Ali Akbar Dehkhoda’s Writings in the Constitutional Period Iran’s

H.E. Chehabi/Vanessa Martin (eds.): Iran’s Constitutional Revolution Popular Politics, Cultural Transformations, and Transnational Connections. Page 198