Persian Voices: Law of Justice

Who gave us the constitution? Mozzafar al-Din Shah the just and with a generous heart gave the exemplary constitution to the nation.”

What is a constitution?

“The constitution was a law of justice,

Which makes law an expression of freedom.

Because of law, tyranny is lifted,

Because of law, the people find repose.

There is no greater thing to worship than law,

—Ashraf al-Din al-Husayni Nasim-i Shumal


Vejdani, Farzin. “Schools, Citizenship and Revolution.” Making History in Iran: Education, Nationalism, and Print Culture. Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2015. Page 51. Print.


Editor’s Note: Around the time of the Constitutional Revolution in Iran, less than 1% of the population could read and write, making education a central theme among educated elite revolutionaries.