Persian Voices: Assassin of Naser al-din Shah

Step forth for a moment from this land of Persia, and you will see in Iraqi-Arab, the Caucasus, Ishqabad, and the borderlands of Russia, thousands of poor Persian subjects who have fled from their own dear country from the hands of oppression and tyranny, and have perforce adopted the most miserable means of earning a livelihood. The porters, sweepers, donkey-men, and laborers whom you see in those regions are all Persians.

—Mirza Reza Kermani, assassin of Naser al-Din Shah, 1896


Amirahmadi, Hooshang. (2012). The Political Economy of Iran Under the Qajars: Society, Politics, Economy and Foreign Relations 1799 to 1921. London: I.B. Tauris, p.210. Print


Editor’s Note: Upon his arrest, the king slayer gave these remarks with the claim that his actions were an attempt to cut the root of tyranny.

قدری پایتان را از خاك ایران بیرون بگذارید در عراق عرب و بلاد قفقاز و عشق‌آباد و اوایل خاك روسیه هزار هزار رعیت ایران را می‌بینید كه از وطن عزیز خود از دست تعدی و ظلم فرار كرده كثیف‌ترین كسب و شغل را از ناچاری پیش گرفته‌اند هر چه حمال و كناس و الاغچی و مزدور در آن نقاط می‌بینید همه ایرانی هستند.
۱۲۷۵ ،میرزا رضا کرمانی ، قاتل ناصرالدین شاه