Persian Voices: Unhappy Husbands

How can our unhappy husbands go back to work? They are afraid of the servants of the government [hukumat] harassing them. The government oppresses the people in a thousand ways. They need to be protected by a British guarantee of their safety.

Women Revolutionaries in Iran


Iran Between Islamic Nationalism and Secularism: The Constitutional Revolution of 1906 (British Institute of Persian Studies). I.B. Tauris, page 74. Print


Editor’s Note: On 22 November 1905, a crowd of 300 men and boys mainly from the lower social group, together with about 10 women gathered at the gate of the British Consulate.

چگونه شوهران ناخرسند ما میتوانند به کار خود برگردند؟ آنها بیمناک هستند که  مورد آزار و اذیت خدمتگزاران دولتی قرار بگیرند
زنان انقلابی در ایران