Persian Voices: Women with Mustaches

Fearing the shame of this new loan, Zanha-yi Millat (women of the nation) are all ready to sell the rug from under their feet and the clothes from their backs to help the government overcome its present need. But those manly men, that is, those dutiful, grateful and life sacrificing servants (of the government) do not give a damn. Nay, more! They are yet again sewing bags to grab as much as they can from the new sources of money.

—Hajj Seyyed Taqavi, parliamentary speech on 21 November 1906


Najmabadi, Afsaneh.(2005). Woman with Mustaches and Men Without Beards: Gender and Sexual Anxieties. Berkeley, Los Angeles, London: University of California Press, p.208.


Editor’s Note: The new constitutional government needed also new financing and foreign credit. Women of Iran donated their jewelry to the nation.