Persian Voices: Imprison our Women

What kind of men are we?… We imprison our women in the house but enjoy ourselves at parties, where we embrace the [male] musicians. We imprison our women in the house, but take as a temporary wife any women whose [bare] ankle we fall for; we imprison our women in the house, but spend the daily bread for our sons and daughters on blonde foreign prostitutes.

—Jalil Mohammed Qolizadeh


Afary, Janet. (2009). Sexual Politics in Modern Iran. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, p.137. Print

Jalil Mohammed Qolizadeh, Mulla Nassrulldin (first published on April 7, 1906).


Editor’s Note: Jalil Mohammed Qolizadeh argued that according to Quranic verses (33:59:31), the Prophet had required women to cover private parts of their bodies rather than their faces, and goes on to blame male chauvinism for a such misunderstanding of the Quran.